Loop Hero: How To Get Wood

Here's how to get Stable Wood in Loop Hero easily.

In this strategic deck building ARPG, you have to kill enemies while also getting the stat upgrades and buffs that will boost your character. Now, one of the core mechanics of Loop Hero is to farm resources and Wood is among the most important ones that you will need early on in the game. Many players get confused about how to collect and use them to their benefit, especially if they are new to this genre. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will focus on how to get Wood in Loop Hero so let’s begin.

How to Get Stable Wood in Loop Hero

You can get your hands on Stable Wood by getting 12 Stable Branches. Yes, there’s no way to obtain a piece of Wood directly, you have to get multiple Once you have a stack of 12 Stable Branches, 1 Stable Wood will be created automatically so you don’t have to worry about making them. You can get these Branches when you pass through Grove tiles. You can also kill enemies in a Grove tile to get Branches as a drop. Moreover, you may also get it from loot chests.

This is basically how to get Wood in Loop which is a fairly simple process. Other resources won’t be so simple though which is why we have created guides on how to farm them. Plus, many things in Loop Hero are unexplained and players can get stuck at various points. Don’t worry because we will help you out with all the basics and advanced information in our Loop Hero guides. Check out some of them below: