Loop Hero Best Perks Guide: Top Traits/Talents You Must Unlock First

Perks offer additional power to each class, and here is a list of the best talents you must grab first.

Traits or Perks in Loop Hero plays a big role in survival. They are the passive abilities unlocked as you level up. With three different classes Necromancer, Rogue, and Warrior it can be tough to figure out which are the best perks in Loop Hero. With this info, you can increase your character’s stats and for a short period of time use passive abilities also. Not all perks are easy to unlock, some require you to face bosses. The tougher the challenge the best perks unlocks in Loop Hero. In this guide, I will help you with the best common perks for all classes in Loop Hero. With this, you can also learn about the best perks for each class separately.

Best Perks: Common

Loop Hero Best Perks Guide

Loop Hero has a total of 14 traits to unlock. 7 of each belongs to the three classes. Traits are not restricted to a single class, you can unlock and align them the way you want. Here is the list of best common perks you must-have for all classes.

  1. Battering Ram: +75% Chance of enemy stun.
  2. Deep Pocket: 2x Inventory.
  3. Second Thoughts: Free new set of 3 Traits.
  4. Axis Tilt: +25% Time Speed.
  5. Card-sharp: 10% chance to keep the card after placing its tile. Does not work for Golden cards.
  6. Omicron’s Technique: +1 resurrection charge.
  7. Supplies: Leave 10% of findings while passing through a campfire tile.
  8. Surveyor: Half loop HP boost for each adjacent roadside tile when passed.

Best Perks: Warrior

  1. Article of Protection: After receiving this effect and after every loop, the hero receives a bar of phantom protection that equals 65% of his max HP. All damage to it is dealt with ignoring defense.
  2. Battering Ram: The hero rushes into battle head-on and his first attack has a 75% chance to stun each enemy for 1 second.
  3. Blade of Dawn: Every morning the Hero’s sword is filled with sunlight, causing its next attack to do ×2 damage to all.
  4. Dominant Mass: Damage is increased by 20% of defense value.
  5. Somersault: 35% chance to perform a counterattack during evade.
  6. Survivalist: If your HP falls below 40% your regeneration is doubled.
  7. Shield Master: 20% chance upon hit of a stunning target for 1 second.
  8. Skilled Armorer: Armor is increased by 1 after every loop.

Best Perks: Rogue

  1. Child of the Forest: A rat-wolf may come to your aid during the battle (75% chance).
  2. Lightning Fast: The Hero has a 20% chance to perform a 3-hit combo, with each hit dealing 50% damage.
  3. Master of Fencing: 10% chance to simultaneously attack two targets.
  4. Smoke Screen: After losing 20% of his HP in battle, the hero will evade all attacks for 2 seconds.
  5. Lethal Weakness: Every 10% of lost HP gives you a 0.5% chance to instantly deal 1000% damage.
  6. Nothing is Sacred: +3 HP after a kill.
  7. Fuss: The hero receives 7% less damage for every enemy, starting after the second enemy.

Best Perks: Necromancer

  1. Counterattack: After Hero receives direct damage all skeletons have a 15% chance to immediately perform a counterattack.
  2. Laying Down One’s Life: Any direct damage to the Hero will be evenly split between him and his skeletons.
  3. Unseen Care: A permanent +0.5 bonus to energy armor for every summoned skeleton.
  4. Horde: 3 strengthened skeletons will be joining the Hero on every loop to help in battle.

With these, there are Boss Traits. You will have to build a Gymnasium to unlock the boss trait in Loop Hero. Continue killing the monster until the yellow bar below health is full. You can then pick the trait. This also increases players’ chances of facing a boss during the same time period. With various perks, you can have additional power on the battleground.