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What Is Physical & Magical Defence And How Does It Work In Loop Hero

Wondering about how does defence work in Loop Hero? Check it out right here

Defence in Loop Hero works almost the same way you expect it to, but it has a few tricks up its sleeve. Not every attack is similar and your defence will react differently to each attack, make sure to check out your physical attack stats as well as your non-physical attack stats right here to know how defence works in Loop Hero.

How Does Defence Work In Loop Hero


Defence in Loop Hero is simple to understand, basically, if you have a shield with 2 points in defence, you will be able to deflect an attack with 3 points in it. It is a direct correlation with attack and depending on the enemy that you’re facing in the game, you will have to have defences that enough points or stats in them. Having better armors and weapons will ensure that you’re able to defend yourself against much stronger enemies in Loop Hero.

how defence works in loop hero
Defence in Loop Hero directly correlates with attack damage

For non-physical damage like magic attacks, you will have to ensure that you’re well prepared for them as well. Both magic and physical defences are different in Loop Hero and having enough points stacked in both these categories will help you prepare for battle even more.


If you’re being attacked by an enemy who is causing more damage than you expected it to, it has a high chance of having magical properties which are affecting you while you’re only focusing on physical defence.

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One of the best thing that you can have to ensure that you’re able to repel attacks is to have a shield with you at all times, while having a Rogue class means that you’re able to wield two weapons at the same time, the ability to not dodge out of attacks and run away will mean that you will suffer heavy damages in the game.


So make sure that you’re well versed with how defence works in Loop Hero and use the mechanism to your advantage, this is all there is to know about how defence works in Loop Hero, while you’re here make sure to check out how to defeat the Lich in Loop Hero right here on Gamer Tweak.