What Are Gold Cards In Loop Hero

Find out more about Gold Cards in Loop Hero.

Loop Hero is a pleasant break from the norm, by quite a margin too. Lo-Fi, 8-Bit games like Loop Hero always have a certain level of nostalgia involved even if you haven’t played those types of games before. And while the world moves onto high-end graphics, games like Loop Hero provide a nice boost of some much-needed feel-good factor. However, Loop Hero goes even further to break apart from this norm to form a niche of its own. The game has some completely different mechanics that help it differentiate itself. One such is the card-based gameplay which helps give the game a different vibe. In this guide, we will tell you about the special Gold Cards in Loop Hero and why to use them. Scroll down to learn more.

What are Gold Cards in Loop Hero?

Gold Cards in Loop Hero
Learn more about these special cards in the game.

Loop Hero heavily features cards that help you progress. Every card has its own quirk and properties which leads to a ton of combinations depending on how you place them. However, some cards are unique and rare, like the Gold Cards. The Gold Cards can be identified by the special Golden Border that surrounds them. As with tons of other games, Gold Cards signify special and more advanced stats and it holds true even here.

The Gold Cards will have to be unlocked. To do that you will have to upgrade your camp so that it includes an Intel Center. After having done this you will have to build some additional structures to unlock and use the Gold Cards.

There are 4 Gold Cards in the game.

  1. Arsenal: They provide an extra slot when you go to a new loop. You will need to have a Smelter and Roadside card to unlock it.
  2. Ancestral Crypt: Provides you with 3HP for each enemy you kill and also gives 1 resurrection. You will need to have a Crypt in your camp and a Landscape card to unlock.
  3. Zero Milestone: Weakens enemies that are in the radius of this card. You will need to have an Alchemist’s tent at your camp along with a Road card to unlock.
  4. Maze of Memories: Fills up tiles that allow you to fight the bosses faster. You will need to have a Library in your camp and a Landscape card.

This is everything that you need to know about Gold Cards in Loop Hero. Do not miss out on Learning How to Unlock the Temporal Beacon or How to Unlock Forest in Loop Hero.