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How To Unlock The Alchemist’s Tent In Loop Hero

Learn how to unlock the Alchemist's tent in Loop Hero

Loop Hero is the latest game to go down the pixelated road. And with pretty good success too. That obviously is down to the really unique gameplay experience it provides. The game has really unique mechanics that set it apart completely. Loop Hero throws us all for a loop with how unique the game really is. The game has some really interesting combat tactics and card-based gameplay. All this combined makes the game a joy. However, at times there is a lack of instructions in the game which makes it hard for numerous players. One such is the task of how to Unlock the Alchemist’s Tent in Loop Hero. Read below to get some more information about how to get it.

How to Unlock the Alchemist’s Tent in Loop Hero

Unlock the alchemists tent in Loop Hero
Unlock the Alchemy feature in the game.

To unlock the Alchemist’s Tent you need to have 24 units of Stable Metals, 24 units of Food Supply, 2 units of Astral Orbs, and 3 units of the Orb of Unity. You also need to have a Library in your camp. Unlocking the Alchemist’s Tent allows you to unlock the Alchemy ability in the game. Additionally, if you have a Supply Depot tile you can even craft Jewellery. If you have an Intel Center then you can also unlock the Zero Milestone card.

Having unlocked Alchemy will give you the ability to synthesize or decompose materials in the game. This is done by the use of Hydrogen in the game. When you decompose an item you get Hydrogen in return, whereas if you synthesize something you will use up a certain amount of Hydrogen. Alchemy can be pretty important as it allows you to make items. Unfortunately however, it is unlocked pretty late in the game but is still a handy feature.

This is everything you need to know about How to Unlock the Alchemist’s Tent. While you are do not miss out on learning How to Beat the Frog King or How to Save the game.