Loop Hero: How To Summon And Beat Frog King

Here's how to summon and beat the Frog King in Loop Hero.

Frog King is the latest Easter egg boss for the Loop Hero players to beat. Even though there is no great reward in beating him, you will have the bragging right to call yourself the king of Loop Hero by beating all available bosses. So those who are wondering how to beat this boss, you are at the right place. Today we will look at how to summon and beat the Frog King in Loop Hero.

How to Summon Frog King in Loop Hero?

To summon the Frog King in Loop Hero, you need to keep Swamp tiles over all the loop road tiles. The basic idea is to cover your loop with Swamp Tiles. Once you covered the entire loop with Swamp cards, the Frog King will appear for you.  Then he will show up in your loop as a small frog sprite. Once you approach him, he will speak in the same language as the fisherman. As easy as the summoning process is, do not expect the main boss battle to be similarly easy.

Loop Hero Frog King

How to Beat Frog King in Loop Hero?

As soon as the boss is summoned, you will find that he has just 2 HP. But he has a special ability called Steel Flesh where all of your damage will be reduced to 1 HP hit for him. Frog King also has a high evasion value of 99.9%. His attacks won’t be highly damaging but after the whole swamp loop, your resources will be considerably low to fight this boss.

The best way to go about this to plan attacks that will happen twice in a row to deal 1 HP damage each to kill him in one turn. So the best option is to have an ally fighting along with you and equip high attack speed. So the best hero class to face this boss is the Rogue. Rogue will need to have high attack speed along with a wolf companion to attack the boss twice before he deals any damage at all.

That’s basically everything you need to know about how to summon and beat the Frog King in Loop Hero. While you are here, check out more of our Loop Hero Guides for more articles with exciting secrets and tips.