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How To Increase Equilibrium Level In Honkai Star Rail

Increasing your Equilibrium Level is a must if you want to progress in Honkai Star Rail. Here's all on how you need to do it.

Honkai Star Rail players can dictate the difficulty of the game and the loot drops by increasing the Equilibrium Level. While farming for items that help your character build better stats is quite important, players will often find a shortage of good drops if they don’t increase their level. If you want to unlock certain upgrades for your characters and be eligible for many in-game mechanics, you would want to know how to increase the Equilibrium Level and this guide will show you just that.

What is Equilibrium Level in Honkai Star Rail?

What is Equilibrium Level in Honkai Star Rail

The Equilibrium Level is what you would call World Level in Honkai Star Rail. While it deals with the difficulty of the enemies you will face, it also determines the kind of loot you can get. That’s not all as increasing this level also makes you eligible for certain upgrades, tasks, and items. There are a lot of game mechanics that will need you to raise this level or you won’t progress further.

How to Raise Equilibrium Level in Honkai Star Rail

There is currently only one way to raise your Equilibrium Level and that is completing the Trial of the Equilibrium rift for certain Trailblaze Levels. Once you reach the required Trailblaze Level, a quest to challenge the Trial of the Equilibrium rift will appear and you can simply track it and find the location.

Here are the Trailblaze Levels at which players can challenge the Trails of the Equilibrium and raise their levels:

  • Equilibrium Level 1 – Trailblaze Level 20
  • Equilibrium Level 2 – Trailblaze Level 30
  • Equilibrium Level 3 – Trailblaze Level 40
  • Equilibrium Level 4 – Trailblaze Level 50
  • Equilibrium Level 5 – Trailblaze Level 60
  • Equilibrium Level 6 – Trailblaze Level 65
  • Equilibrium Level 7 – Trailblaze Level 70

How to Check Equilibrium Level

How to Check Equilibrium Level

If you are wondering how to check the Equilibrium Level, you simply need to press ESC and open the menu in Honkai Star Rail. You can find the Level next to your Avatar Profile.

Do note that there are also a plethora of rewards waiting for you after you conquer each level. The last few levels will take some time since farming EXP in the game is not entirely easy. However, there are a few tricks like Daily Missions that can be quite helpful if you want to raise Trailblaze Level. If you are still in the lower Trailblaze Levels, we recommend you check out how to reach Level 24 and get there quickly. We have more Honkai Star Rail guides that might be useful for you right here at Gamer Tweak.