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Honkai Star Rail: Best Way To Get To Level 24 Fast

Want to increase your Trailblaze Level quickly? Check out our guide to find out the best tips on how to get to level 24 fast.

While progressing through the Trailblaze missions, many players are looking for how to get to level 24 in Honkai Star Rail. Similar to Genshin Impact’s Adventure Rank, you must increase your Trailblaze level to unlock story missions & activities. If you are stuck on Trailblaze levels below 23 or 21, you might have run out of the missions, credits, or Trailblaze Power. Although getting past level 24 feels like an impossible feat, you might need some help farming XP fast. We have compiled the best tips to reach level 24 & above for all the game phases in Star Rail. So, check out our guide to find the best tips to level up faster in HSR.

How to Get to Level 24 Fast in Honkai Star Rail

honkai star rail how to get to level 24

Best Early Game Tips to Level Up

Starting with the early levels 1 to 10, players must focus on the Trailblaze Missions in Honkai Star Rail. These are the story missions or activities that reward a lot of XP and rewards. We suggest checking out our beginner combat tips to get accustomed to the gameplay mechanics and a variety of systems. Once you unlock the Calyx Bud activities, you can take on different challenges to farm XP. Be it Golden or Crimson Calyxes, they require 10 Trailblaze Power to complete.

As there is a maximum cap of 180 Trailblaze Power, you can grind on many Calyx challenges to get more EXP. If you are out of stamina, you must wait for six minutes to restore one unit. You can also use Fuels or Stellar Jade to refill them. But we suggest otherwise and saving them up, as these items can help you later during game progression.

Best Mid-Game Tips to Level Up

You can clear out different daily missions to earn EXP once you unlock them at Trailblaze level 11 in Star Rail. Similar to Genshin’s Daily Commissions, these daily missions reset every day to net rewards. Instead of using Fuel to restore Trailblaze Power for challenges, go for these dailies to farm XP. You can complete 1 Daily activity per day to earn XP and level up quickly. These dailies can reward you with up to 1000 EXP for every run.

That being said, don’t forget your main Trailblaze missions & activities. To complete these challenges, you should equip the best characters. As with every Path and their roles, go for the best Light cones for them to clear out challenges effectively. Aside from Calyxes, you will also unlock Simulated Universe and Cavern of Corrosion challenges.

You can unlock the Simulated Universe challenges once you complete the Universe in a Nutshell Trailblaze mission. Whereas, to unlock the Cavern of Corrosion, you need to encounter the Corridor of Fading during The Star are Cold Toys Trailblaze quest. But unlike the Calyxes, completing these challenges requires more Trailblaze Power. You need to spend 40-50 Trailblaze Power to take on the Cavern of Corrosion.

How to be above Level 24 in Honkai Star Rail

honkai star rail how to get to level 24

In my opinion, this would be the best time to use your saved-up Fuels & farmed Stellar Jade to restore Trailblaze Power. You can save these items further to help you out during the end game. Alternatively, you can also complete different Operation Briefings, if you haven’t beaten them already. But once you are out of quests or locked at Trailblaze Level 23, using them is the only alternative to farm more EXP and level up effectively.

If you want to find more ways to increase levels faster, check out our guide on how to increase Trailblaze level for more insight.

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