When Is The Daily Reset Time In Honkai Star Rail?

Junaid Shaikh
2 Min Read

Honkai: Star Rail has different servers for different regions with their own individual Daily Reset Time schedules. As a gacha game that it is, It wants people to play the game every single day. As such, all the things that can happen daily in the game get reset at a specific time. This time is based on the region you play from or if you select a specific server of your choice. Through this, you can make sure you complete everything before the reset time. So, Here are all the details about it.

All Timings for Daily Reset Time In Honkai Star Rail

daily reset time honkai star rail

The Daily Reset Time in Honkai: Star Rail is when all your daily objectives and rewards associated are reset. So, this means that if you don’t complete your objectives before Daily Reset Time then they get replaced with entirely new ones along with the rewards. This Daily Reset Time is different for each different server in the game.

Here are all the timings for Daily Reset Time for each server:

  • TW, MO, HK: GMT +8
  • America: GMT -5
  • Europe: GMT +1
  • Asia: GMT +8

With these Daily Reset Times in Honkai: Star Rail, you can make sure that you complete your daily quests and objectives on time. Also, if you have already completed them the day before, you can return at these times to start your progress toward completing your objectives for the day. Completing daily objectives every day can be a good way to earn lots of rewards including Stellar Jades, which can be used to buy new characters and the Stellar Rail Pass.

That is all you need to know for the Daily Reset Times in Honkai: Star Rail. If you are done completing your daily maybe you can learn how to farm Stellar Jades in Honkai Star Rail or read the guide to Forgotten Hall in Honkai Star Rail here.