Honkai Star Rail Praise Of High Morals Guide

Don't know what Praise of High Morals is used for? Here's all about its uses and what purpose it serves in Honkai Star Rail.

If you’ve been making noble choices in HSR, then you might’ve come across the Praise of High Morals. Players will be getting this item throughout their journey for doing good deeds for others in the game. This item might seem pointless at first but isn’t and serves a purpose in your journey. While progressing through the story, players will also encounter an achievement where they have to use this valuable object. With that keeping in mind, let’s see what purpose Praise of High Morals serves and how you can use it in Honkai Star Rail.

Where to Use Praise of High Morals in Honkai Star Rail

Location to Use Praise of High Morals in Honkai Star Rail
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In Honkai Star Rail, to use Praise of High Morals head to the Administrative District in Jarilo-VI and interact with the Fountain. After reaching near the fountain simply interact with it and choose the option to Fish the Treasure out of the Fountain option. Doing so can sometimes get you rare items but usually rewards you with some random material or food items.

On the other hand, using the Praise of High Morals for the first time will complete an achievement known as Karmic Consequences. That rewards the player with 5x Stellar Jades. If you are on the road to farming Stellar Jades by completing them all, then you’ll surely find our HSR Achievements guide useful. Before that, scroll down to check out all the farming methods to obtain Praise of High Morals.

How to Farm Praise of High Morals in HSR

How to Farm Praise of High Morals in HSR
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Once you know, how to use the Praise of High Morals in Honkai Star Rail you can always farm this item to obtain more free rewards. As mentioned earlier, to obtain them all you have to do good deeds and make noble choices. For your reference below we have mentioned some possible ways to farm the Praise of High Morals in the game.

Fix the Trash Can

In Underworld Boulder Town you’ll find a Trash can that you have to fix. And for that deed, you’ll be rewarded with the valuable object you are looking for. To repair it, interact with the Trash can and select the option to Fix it.

Be Honest to the Old One

At the beginning of the game, you’ll receive a Light Cone that you can return to an old man and obtain 1x Praise of High Morals. This old man is located in the southeast room of the Storage Zone in Herta Space Station. Once you find him, simply interact with him and choose the To be honest…none of them option and you’ll be good to go.

Give Goethe Hotel a Review

While staying at the Goethe Hotel you can always do a good deed for Gertie by leaving a review of the hotel. For that, head to the entrance and interact with Gertie and give her a High Review. And that’ll get you one more Praise of High Morals in HSR.

That sums up all about how you can get & use the Praise of High Morals in Honkai Star Rail. If you looking forward to unlocking more new units then check out how to get more wraps in the game. Also, take a look at the Redeem codes to obtain free rewards.