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Honkai Star Rail Trailblaze Power Guide: How To Get & Use It

Out of stamina, already? Check out our guide that explains how to get and use the Trailblaze Power in Honkai Star Rail.

Trailblaze Power in Honkai Star Rail works similarly to the Resin in Genshin Impact. It is stamina or energy to complete certain activities and missions to get rewards. You don’t need any stamina while progressing through gameplay or quests. Instead, you can use Trailblaze Power to farm rewards such as Credits, Ascension materials, upgrade items, cosmetics, trace materials, and more. But many players are confused about how Star Rail’s stamina system works. Not to worry, check out our guide to find out everything about the Trailblaze Power.

How to Get Trailblaze Power in Honkai Star Rail

honkai star rail trailblaze power

You can get up to 180 Trailblaze Power in Honkai Star Rail to complete different gameplay events and activities. The maximum cap or limit of the Trailblaze Power is 180. It requires six minutes to refill one unit of Trailblaze Power. So, it will take 18 hours to refill it completely.

While you can wait until it refills eventually, there are mainly two ways to restore the Trailblaze Power. They are as follows:

  • Fuel: Use 1 Fuel item to refill 60 Trailblaze Power
  • Stellar Jades: Use 50 Stellar Jades to restore 60 Trailblaze Power.

You can get the Fuel as a reward by progressing through the game. You can obtain them by completing main quests and activities. Coming to the Stellar Jades, it is the main currency in Honkai Star Rail. There are several ways to farm them including completing missions and quests. Check out our guide to know more and the best ways to farm Stellar Jade.

What is Honkai Star Rail Trailblaze Power Used for

honkai star rail trailblaze power

Like Resin, you can use the Trailblaze Power to complete many gameplay activities and events. As you complete these events, they reward you with Credits, increased character experience, items, and upgrade materials. You can use these materials to upgrade your character level and Light Cones.

So, here are all the places you can use Trailblaze Power in Star Rail:

Calyx (Golden & Crimson)

Two types of Calyx Dungeons reward you with different resources. These are the Golden Calyx and Crimson Calyx missions or activities. You can spend 10 Trailblaze Power to access these Buds. While the Golden Calyx rewards you with EXP materials and Credits, the Crimson Calyx rewards you with Trace materials on completion.

If you are looking to get your hands on the Light cone ascension materials, we recommend going for the Crimson Calyx. But for the players wanting character EXP and Credits, go for the Golden Calyx buds.

We suggest heading over to the Survival Index section to check the rewards you can obtain before taking on challenges.

Cavern of Corrosion

The Cavern of Corrosion activities rewards players with Relic Sets for different characters. You can spend 40-50 Trailblaze Power to take on these challenges in Honkai Star Rail. If you are progressing mid-game, farming Relic Sets can offer you a boost. But for the early game, we suggest focussing more on the Light Cones.

Simulated Universe

You can also spend the Trailblaze Power to take on the Simulated Universe activities and missions. For every Simulated Universe run, you are rewarded with Aeon’s Blessings. These events reset every Monday with different rewards and Blessings. Once you complete the event and beat the enemies, you will be asked to select one of the three available buffs. You can choose these buffs or blessings according to your character’s Path type and role.

Stagnant Shadow

Lastly, you can also spend your Trailblaze Power to take on the Stagnant Shadow missions. These events require 30 Trailblaze Power. In total, there are seven levels of the Stagnant Shadow in Star Rail. While some levels are a bit difficult, all of them reward with character ascension materials. To have a perfect Ascension, match these levels according to the corresponding Paths & elements of your characters.

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