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Honkai Star Rail Tier List: Best Characters (June 2023)

In Honkai Star Rail you get 27 different characters. But not all of them are equally strong. Some excel at damage while others are good for support. So check out this Tier List to find which ones are the best.

Honkai Star Rail offers players 27 characters to play with. But in such games, your characters can drastically affect your experience depending on their strength or weakness. And so, a Tier list for all characters in Honkai Star Rail can surely be useful. Be it if you are looking for the strongest characters like Seele or the ones you should avoid like Trailblazer (Physical). This list has you covered by ranking them all.

Honkai Star Rail All Characters Tier List

Tiers Honkai Star Rail Characters
S Tier Seele
S Tier Bronya
S Tier Jing Yuan
S Tier Tingyun
S Tier Yanqing
A Tier Bailu
A Tier Himeko
A Tier Trailblazer (Fire)
A Tier Gepard
A Tier Welt
A Tier Clara
B Tier Natasha
B Tier Kafka
B Tier Asta
B Tier Arlan
B Tier Dan Heng
B Tier Silver Wolf
C Tier Sushang
C Tier March 7th
C Tier Pela
C Tier Trailblazer (Physical)
D Tier Blade
D Tier Hook
D Tier Serval
F Tier Sampo
F Tier Herta
F Tier Luocha
F Tier Qingque

honkai star rail characters tier list

Character Tiers Explained

Like most games, S Tier characters are the best. When playing with them, you don’t have to worry much about other factors, as these characters have the overall best stats and abilities to offer you. Next comes the A Tier characters, these are almost as good as the ones in the S Tier. B Tier characters are fairly strong and decent, depending on the situation. C Tier characters are nearly as good as the B Tier but slightly weaker. D Tier characters are okay; you can use them if you don’t have any other options. Finally, you should avoid using the F Tier characters.

Notable Characters from Different Tiers

S Tier (Best Characters in Honkai Star Rail Tier List)

seele honkai star rail

  • Seele: She is a 5-star character whose element is Quantum. Seele is one of the best damage dealers in the game and this is thanks to her following The Hunt path. This allows her to be very strong against single targets. Make her fight enemies weak to the Quantum element and she will slash through them in no time. But what makes her completely broken is that she gets an extra turn when she defeats an opponent.


  • Bronya: Bronya may not be a damage dealer, but she can provide her allies with the necessary buffs. She is a Wind character that follows The Harmony path. This allows her to support her team and increase their overall battle prowess. But what makes her special is not only does she help by buffing her allies, but she can also remove debuffs. And her ultimate increases her team’s Attack and Critical damage for two turns.

A Tier

bailu - honkai star rail characters tier list

  • Bailu: Just like Bronya, Bailu is an excellent support. But while Bronya excels at providing buffs, Bailu is good at healing her team. This is because both her skill and ultimate are healing-focused. Her skill lets you heal two allies and her ultimate can be used to heal everyone in the team. And if that wasn’t all, you can even use her to revive one of your teammates.

trailblazer fire

  • Trailblazer (Fire): The best version of Trailblazer is its Fire element. This character is in A Tier now, but thanks to their adaptability, they can jump or drop tiers based on the element you use with them. But speaking of fire, Trailblazer works as an excellent Tank with damage capabilities. They aren’t the most broken, and the shields are pretty weak. But in terms of both taking and dealing damage, Trailblazer can get the job done for you.

B Tier


  • Gepard: Many players might argue that Gepard should be placed higher. And while that is true to a lot of extent, considering how his abilities balance each other out he is best placed here. Gepard is possibly the best tank in the game right now. His ultimate summons a giant ice wall that shields the entire team but for some reason, it doesn’t damage the enemies. Using his skill you have a high chance to freeze your enemy, but the catch is many of the bosses in this game are resistant to ice. But what makes him interesting is that he can revive himself.

These are some of the most notable characters from each tier. I haven’t discussed the C, D, and F tiers because you are better off ditching many of those characters once you get better ones from the above tiers.

But that was just my take on the best characters in the game right now. If you like playing this game, then don’t miss out on how you can get 80 free pulls and redeem codes.