How To Get 82 Honkai Star Rail Free Pulls (Passes)

Shreyansh Shah
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Honkai Star Rail players can earn up to 82 free pulls or passes in the starting few days of the game with the Star Rail Passes. Since the latest HoYoverse installment is a gacha game, it features the Standard Warp method for pulling characters. To pull characters from this Standard Warp, you will need to acquire as many Star Rail passes as you can. For the next few days after the game’s launch, players can easily perform certain tasks and then have 80 free pulls. And this guide will mention all the best ways you can use to get Star Rail Passes quickly in Honkai Star Rail.

Best Ways to Get 80 Honkai: Star Rail Free Pulls

Honkai Star Rail 80 Free Passes

Honkai Star Rail is one of the highly anticipated games in 2023 and players can experience it from 26th April 2023. Fortunately, you can head to the HoYoverse website now to download it on your PC. If you are a mobile player, the game is ready for install on Google Play Store. There are 3 major ways through which players can earn 80 Honkai Star Rail Passes or free pulls after its release.

Honkai Star Rail Pre-Registration Rewards

HoYoverse set a target of pre-registration and social media following and placed certain rewards based on it. Through these, you can get up to 20 Star Rail passes or pulls. Check your in-game mail once you start playing for 20 free pulls, 4-star character Serval, “Trailblazer – Welcome” avatar, and credits as part of the entire reward.

Login Daily for Rewards

After the game launch, you need to log in for 7 days to earn at least 10 Honkai Star Rail free pulls. So basically, make sure that you log in from 26th April to 2nd May and claim the rewards after unlocking the Travel Log function.

Trailblaze Level-Up Rewards

Players can farm XP by completing certain tasks within the game and leveling up their Trailblaze. Trailblaze level 5/15/25/35 will reward players with 40 Star Rail Passes and an additional 1600 Stellar Jade. The Stellar Jade can be used further to get 10 Star Rail Passes.

Honkai Star Rail Codes

The free redeem codes that Honkai Star Rail offer will help you get around 400 Stellar Jade. Since 1 Honkai Star Rail Pass will cost you 160 Stellar Jade, you can purchase an additional 2 free pulls by simply using the redeem code. Check out our guide to see how to do it.

These are the best ways to get 80 Honkai Star Rail Free Pulls. We recommend you check out Honkai Star Rail Tier List since you might need it once you start playing the game.

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