Best Honkai Star Rail Light Cones

Looking for a stat boost and passives for your Aeons? Check out our guide to find out the best Light cones in Honkai Star Rail for every Path type.

With the best Light Cones in Honkai Star Rail, you can get a stat boost alongside some special abilities for your characters. Being a technology of Garden of Recollection, these Light Cones are potent enhancement items to carry memories. Similar to Paths and their roles, they can help you out during Combat with their passive abilities. Since using them require matching their corresponding Paths, choosing the best can sometimes get confusing. Not to worry, check out our guide to find out the best Light Cones for every Path type.

Best Light Cones in Honkai Star Rail

honkai star rail best light cones

Here are the best Honkai Star Rail Light cones for all Paths:

On the Fall of an Aeon/Mutual Demise

  • Corresponding Path type: The Destruction

Activating this Light cone increases the Aeons’ or the character’s ATK by 8% to 16% in the battle up to four times. If you trigger the Weakness Break against your enemy, the damage increases by 12% to 24%. But we suggest getting the Mutal Demise Light Cone during stressful times in a Battle. That’s because the Mutal Demise increases your Critical Rate by 16% to 28% when your current HP is less than 80%.

Sleep Like The Dead/Only Silence Remains

  • Path: The Hunt

Once you activate this Light Cone, your Critical damage is increased by 32% to 64%. If your basic attack or skills don’t result in Critical Hit, the Sleep Like the Dead light cone increases your CRIT rate by 30 to 60%. But note that this passive effect can only be triggered 1 time every three times.

Alternatively, you can also go for the Only Silence Remains Light Cone to increase your ATK. This Light cone increases your Attack damage by 16% to 32%. If there are 2 or lesser enemies, it increases your CRIT Rate by 12% to 24%.

Night on the Milky Way

  • Path: The Erudition

As you activate this Light Cone in Star Rail, it increases your attack by 8% to 16% up to 5 times. If your enemy is inflicted with Weakness Break during battle, the Damage increases by 24% to 48% for one turn.


  • Path: The Harmony

Once you start with the battle, activating the Chorus Light Cone increases the max ATK of all allies by 8% to 12%. If you want to increase the speed of the allies in your party, we recommend the Meditation Light Cone for Harmony Path. This Light Cone increases the speed by 12% to 20% for one turn.

Hidden Shadow/Void

  • Path: The Nihility

Upon activating this Light Cone, your next basic attack deals an additional 60% to 120% ATK to the targeted enemies. Alternatively, you can also go for the Void Light Cone in Honkai Star Rail as it increases the Effect Hit rate. As you activate the Void, your Effect Hit rate will be increased by 20% to 40% at the start of the battle for three turns.

Day One of My Life/Amber

  • Path: The Preservation

As you activate this Light cone, it increases your character’s defense by 16%. It also increases the Damage resolution of all of your allies by 8%. But if you are looking for a Light cone that can help you buff in times of distress, we recommend the Amber. The Amber Light Cone increases your defense by 16% to 32%. This light cone increases your defense furthermore by 16% to 32% if your max HP is lower than 50%.

Time Waits for No One/Cornucopia

  • Path: The Abundance

The Time Waits for No One light cone in Honkai Star Rail is as its name suggests. This light cone increases the character’s max HP and outgoing healing by 12% to 24%. During the battle, note the amount of Outgoing Healing while healing allies. When an ally launches an attack on the targeted enemy, they deal with additional damage equal to 50% to 100% of the outgoing Healing value. This additional DMG is not affected by buffs and can only occur 1 time per turn.

As an alternative, you can also get and activate the Cornucopia Light Cone. Whenever a character activates this Light Cone and uses skill or ultimate, their outgoing healing increases by 12% to 24%.

Aside from our recommendations, you can also try out more Light Cones for different Aeons and Paths. We recommend equipping different Light Cones and experimenting with them according to their corresponding Paths. 

How to Get More Light Cones in Honkai Star Rail

honkai star rail best light cones

Here are all the best ways to acquire and get Light Cones:

  • Using the Warp Banner system
  • Exploring the World (Exploration Rewards)
  • Completing Quests and progressing through the game
  • Buying Light Cones with Starlight Exchange & Undying Starlight
  • Defeating Weekly Bosses
  • Opening Reward Chests

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