What Is Toughness And Weakness Break In Honkai Star Rail?

Toughness and Weakness Break are major combat mechanics in Honkai Star Rail and this guide will tell you all about it.

Honkai Star Rail features the new Toughness and Weakness Break combat mechanics in this new turn-based battle game. Understanding these mechanics will help you win against stronger bosses if you use the right characters and attacks. You can inflict additional damage and cause status effects like Bleed and Freeze on the enemies. But how do you do that? What should be your strategy while selecting characters before the battle? This guide will help you understand these mechanics better so you are fully prepared before any battle.

What is Toughness in Honkai Star Rail?

Toughness bar

In Honkai Star Rail, Toughness acts as a pseudo-shield. Once you enter a battle, you’ll notice two bars above the enemy. The red one is the standard HP bar while the white one is the Toughness bar. Above the toughness bar, you’ll notice elemental icons. These icons indicate the enemy’s weakness.

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The reason we call Toughness a pseudo shield is that you can deal damage to the enemies even if the bar is full. However, it will absorb most of the damage. To deal heavy damage to the enemies, you must first deplete the white bar. To do so, you must choose characters with elements that the enemy is weak against. Once you do, the enemy’s toughness bar will shine. Moreover, the weaknesses vary from enemy to enemy, so you must plan your character entries before the battle.

Note that there are other factors into play as well while depleting the Toughness bar like:

  • Level Difference between you and the enemy
  • Type of Skill (Basic Attack, Skill, or Ultimate)

What is Weakness Break Effect?

Weakness Break in Honkai Star Rail

Depleting the enemy’s Toughness bar will trigger the Weakness Break, which can help you deplete your enemy’s health quickly. The Weakness Break in Honkai Star Rail will render the enemy vulnerable to strong attacks and status effects like additional damage and turn delay. These effects are based on your character’s element and their level.

The Weakness Break is very useful against strong and tanky enemies. With status effects like Bleed and Burn, you can inflict DoT (Damage over Time) to slowly sap the enemy’s health. While effects like Entanglement and Imprisonment will cause the enemy to miss a turn, which can provide a window for you to beat the enemy.

That’s all from us on what is Toughness and Weakness Break in Honkai Star Rail. For more such content, make sure you check out our Honkai guides section.