Honkai Star Rail All Elements Guide – 7 Elements In Detail

Elements are a key to beating strong enemies in Honkai Star Rail and this guide will tell you all about them.

Honkai Star Rail has seven elements and each has a different type of damage for attacks. Different enemies are weak against approx three different elements. So if you can pick the right element to attack against the enemy you can beat them easily. Honkai Star Rail Elements serve a major role in this turn-based combat game. Learning what are elements and how to use them against certain enemies will give you an edge against them. So to help you out, we will mention all you need to know about the elemental system.

How do Elements work In Honkai Star Rail?

How Elements work in Honkai Star Rail

In Honkai Star Rail, there are seven elements in total i.e. Physical, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Quantum, and Imaginary. Similar to Genshin Impact, each character is associated with a certain element. These elements determine which character is strong or weak against certain types of elemental attacks in Honkai Star Rail.

However, the characters will not take direct damage right away. They have a Toughness bar along with the standard HP bar. To deal damage and defeat the enemies, you must first deplete the Toughness bar. Now, certain attacks will deplete the bar faster against certain characters. Once you deplete it, the elements will inflict a status effect with DoT (Damage over Time).

Honkai Star Rail Element Effects Explained (Damage Types)

After breaking the Toughness bar, the elements will inflict the following status effects:

  • Physical: Inflicts additional physical damage and causes the Bleed status effect.
  • Fire: Inflicts additional fire damage and causes the Burn status effect.
  • Ice: Stuns the enemy and causes the Freeze status effect.
  • Lightning: Inflicts additional lightning damage and causes the Shock status effect.
  • Wind: Inflicts additional wind damage and causes the Shear status effect.
  • Quantum: Delays enemy’s turn and causes Entanglement status effect.
  • Imaginary: Delays the enemy’s turn and reduces their speed with the Imprisonment status effect.

All Characters and their Elements

Characters and their Elements

Element Character
Physical Clara
Physical Natasha
Physical Sushang
Fire Asta
Fire Himeko
Fire Hook
Ice Gepa
Ice Herta
Ice March 7th
Ice Pela
Ice Yanqing
Lightning Arlan
Lightning Bailu
Lightning Jing Yuan
Lightning Kafka
Lightning Serval
Lightning Tingyun
Wind Blade
Wind Bronya
Wind Dan Heng
Wind Sampo
Quantum Fu Xuan
Quantum Qingque
Quantum Seele
Quantum Silver Wolf
Imaginary Luocha
Imaginary Welt

That’s all you need to know about the Elements in Honkai Star Rail. While you’re here, make sure you visit our Honkai guides for more such content on GamerTweak.