Honkai Star Rail A Moment Of Peace Mission Guide

In Honkai Star Rail's A Moment of Peace mission, you must search for and help two researchers. This guide will tell you how to do it.

A Moment of Peace is a simple mission in Honkai Star Rail, where players must search for researchers that need help. This mission starts right after completing the Eye of the Storm mission. You’ll get some amazing rewards like Trailblaze EXP and Credit for completing this mission. However, note that you’ll face the first major Trailblazer boss called the Doomsday Beast right after you complete this mission. So make sure you have four leveled-up characters before embarking on this mission.

Honkai Star Rail: A Moment Of Peace Guide

A Moment of Peace is a Trailblazer mission that unlocks after completing the Eye of the Storm mission. To trigger this mission, you must head to the Master Control Zone of Herta Space Station and walk toward Asta. Once you’re in her vicinity a cutscene will play, and you will get a 1-Star Rail Pass and the Warp feature.

Now, you have to spend the pass to use the Warp feature. By doing so, you will receive the Asta character. Now, look for Arlan and interact with him to get three Light Cones.

How to Search For Researchers That Need Help in Honkai Star Rail

Help Hinkel in Honkai Star Rail
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The next part of the A Moment of Peace mission in Honkai Star Rail is to search for two researchers that need help. The first one, Hinkel, is located in the northern part of this area. Interact with her and she will ask you to help her with pre-checks for satellite remote sensing. Then, she’ll tell you the following controls:

  • Up: Spectrometer
  • Down: Filter
  • Left: Reference Level
  • Right: Attenuator

Then, she will ask you to select the right option based on her instructions. The right answer for Hinkel in Honkai Star Rail is Up, Right, Down.

The second researcher, Abraham, is located in the southern part of this zone. Interact with him and select the “Life is but a path…” option to finish his dialogue and unlock the Travel Log feature.

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After helping the researchers, head back to Asta and a cutscene will trigger where you’ll witness the Doomsday Beast.

That’s everything from us on how to search for researchers that need help in Honkai Star Rail’s A Moment of Peace mission. If you liked this guide, then we recommend you check our Honkai guides for more such content.