Best Honkai Star Rail Team Comp For New Players

Guide on how to make the best Best Honkai Star Rail Team Composition.

With the starter characters that you get in Honkai , it would be difficult to build a strong team comp. Since it is a HoYoverse gacha game, you can pull characters from the Warp system. If you know how to get 80 Honkai Star Rail Free Pulls (Passes), you can count yourself lucky. This is because your odds of pulling a rare character will increase significantly thereby helping you build an ideal team. But if not, then check out our guide on the best Honkai Star Rail Team Comps.

How to Make the Best Honkai Team Comp


A basic team comp in Honkai includes a main DPS, sub-DPS, and members from Harmony/Nihility or Preservation/Abundance paths. If you can’t get all five-star characters, then try adding free-to-play characters to fill your team. Since eight starter characters in Honkai will be free to players, you will have enough options. With that being said, check out the strongest team comp for new players in Honkai Star Rail.

Best Honkai Star Rail Team Comps

  • Main DPS: Seele
  • Support: Asta
  • Support: Bronya
  • Healer: Bailu

Seele being your main DPS means that the buffs from the other characters will directly benefit her. In this way, her skills will deal more damage. The support character Bronya can also give Seele another chance to attack. Moreover, after defeating an enemy, Seele’s talent “Resurgence” will be triggered. As a support character, Asta can increase the Speed of her allies allowing them to inflict more attacks before the enemy’s turn.

Lastly, having Bailu as a healer will be a valuable addition to your team composition in Honkai. Bailu restores the HP of all her allies and can also revive a knocked-down member of the team. However, she can revive them only once per battle.

That was everything you needed to know on Honkai Star Rail team comps. We hope that this team comp guide was helpful to new players. For more tips and tricks like this, head to our Honkai Star Trail guides section on Gamer Tweak.