All Honkai Star Rail Paths: Their Roles & Aeons (Explained)

Want to know the role of every Path and how they work? Check out our guide to know what are all the Paths and their roles in Honkai: Star Rail.

All the characters, or Aeons as they are referred to in Honkai Star Rail have their associated Paths. These Path types determine the combat role they play out and you can choose whichever way you want to pursue them. Similar to the class system, Paths can decide what role that character will play during battles. This can help you choose the characters for offense or defense in your parties beforehand. In this guide, we will be covering every Path role, their behavior & corresponding Aeons. So, check out our guide to find out everything about the different Path types.

What are Paths in Honkai Star Rail (Explained)

honkai star rail all paths explained

In simpler terms, Paths are a combat role that a specific Aeon can use after their ascension. Once you are linked to the corresponding Path type, you are bound with them for the rest of the game. The Paths are the congregations of the Imaginary Energy that are harmonized by the Ideals. Every Path in Honkai Star Rail determines the combat role and the behavior of that character. These Path types also determine the impact of your Damage types. If your Path matches that of the Light Cones, you can get a stat boost and special abilities furthermore.

There are 14 different Paths in total with each of them corresponding to an Aeon or character and their followers. But as only seven of them are released and playable currently, we will focus only on those path types. Scroll till the end to know about all the Paths and how these types work with their corresponding Aeons.

All Paths’ Roles & Their Aeons

honkai star rail all paths explained

Here are all the playable Paths in Honkai Star Rail, their roles, corresponding Aeons, and how they work:

The Destruction

    • Corresponding Aeon/character: Aeon Nanook
  • The Aeons that follow this Path are those who admire recklessness, anger, and destruction or destructive behavior.
  • These Aeons are the best suited for attacking in the frontline.
  • Unlike other characters, characters of this Path are strongest when fighting alone in a battle or match.

The Hunt

    • Aeon/character: Aeon Lan
  • The Aeons that follow this Path in Honkai Star Rail are those who admire determination, ruthlessness, & tenacious behavior.
  • The Aeons of this Path type cause and inflict exceptional single-target damage.
  • This can be critical and help you out during the Blitz Battles.

The Erudition

    • Aeon/character: Aeon Nous
  • The characters following this Path are those that admire thinking, logic, and strategic behavior.
  • These Path-type Aeons can inflict better multi-target and AoE damage against enemies.
  • You can use these characters situationally to turn the tide and crush your opponents.

The Harmony

    • Aeon/character: Aeon Xipe
  • Those Aeons that follow this Path type admire support, understanding, and cooperative behavior.
  • These characters provide buffs to their allies in the party.
  • Furthermore, these Aeons also boost the overall battle power of your party.

The Nihility

    • Aeon/character: Aeon IX
  • The Aeons following this Path type admire laziness, exhaustion, and meaningless behavior.
  • These characters can debuff your enemies reducing their overall Battle power.

The Preservation

    • Aeon/character: Aeon Qlipoth
  • The Aeons that follow this Path are those that admire sacrifice, patience, and defensive behavior.
  • These are the best characters for defense and can protect the allies in your party in many ways.

The Abundance

    • Aeon/character: Aeon Yaoshi
  • The characters following this Path type are those that admire healing behavior, altruism, and selflessness.
  • The Aeons that follow the Abundance Path can heal the wounded allies.
  • This can be beneficial while surviving long battles against your enemies.

In addition to the above Paths in Honkai Star Rail, there are seven more Paths. These path types can potentially be released in the future when the Global version comes out.

So, here are seven more Paths with their corresponding character units or Aeons:

  • Trailblaze: Akivili Aeon
  • Voracity: Oroboros Aeon
  • Elation: Aha Aeon
  • Beauty: Idrila Aeon
  • Propagator: Tayzzyronth Aeon
  • Enigmata: Mythus Aeon
  • Remembrance: Fuli Aeon

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