How Long Is Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings Of Ruins?

MH Stories 2 Total Main Missions Hours, Side Mission Hours and full time to beat.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings Of Ruins is a turn-based RPG game where you and your allies will hunt down monsters. The game has a very long campaign along with it there are tons of side quests and exploration objectives. If you are looking for an answer on how much time is required to complete MH Stories 2 then keep reading this. I will share with you the approx hours required to complete MH Stories 2 main missions, side missions, and other objectives.

HLTB Monster Hunter Stories 2

MH Stories 2 HLTB

Approx 30 to 35 hours is required to complete all the main missions in Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings Of Ruins. If you love to explore then 41 Hours of time is required to complete the main story of MH Stories 2. With side missions, you need around 45 to 50 hours to complete. And if you are determined to explore every nook and corner of the game along with the main and side mission then be ready to spend some more than 60 hours.

The game is pretty huge with tons of monsters to discover. Your missions will reward you with monsters with unique abilities. This will determine how long you can stand in the battle. In simple words, if you stick to the main missions only then around 40 hours is enough to complete MH Stories 2. But won’t be possible because there is more to discover in this game.

MH Stories 2 HLTB

There are hidden dens, areas, treasure chests, etc. All this will take time to level up then only you will be strong enough to beat down the stronger monster. This means you can rob their egg and add more power to your team. There are many new monsters to discover. You have to collect and train them to become the best in the fight. With this finding Treasure Chest is equally important. MH Stories 2 has tons of side activities. Playing will reward you with additional perks.

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