How To Get More Expedition Tickets in MH Stories 2?

How to unlock Co-op Quests?

Deviants and Elder Dragons are the most powerful monsters in Monster Hunter Stories. To find you will have to unlock Co-op Quests. You can play them solo with AI teammates, but the best is to play with friends. Sometimes you will get two eggs both can carry it out of the den. You cannot play high-ranking Co-op quests without Expedition Tickets. Tickets come in different types, SR is the super rare ticket required to play an 8-star co-op quest. This article contains tips on how to get more expedition tickets in MH Stories 2.

How To Get More Expedition Tickets?

MH Stories Expedition Tickets

You can buy Expeditions Tickets in exchange for Bottlecaps. They are found in the random chests, as a reward for quests, etc. Farming Bottlecaps will be a highly useful activity in Monster Hunter Stories. Because you can trade at Melynx Inc in exchange for Expedition Tickets. Without which you cannot easily get an Elder Monstie in the game.

Monster Hunter Rise has three types of tickets, they are listed below along with their price. SR is the costliest one that lets you get Deviant or Elder Dragons in the game.

  • Expedition Ticket (N) – 10 Bottle Caps
  • Expedition Ticket (R ) – 50 Bottle Caps
  • Expedition Ticket (SR) – 100 Bottle Caps

Monstie Quest’s unlocked during the Rite of Channeling is the main story. You just have to follow up the story to reach halfway through to unlock Monstie’s expeditions. The quest has a different ranking and as you reach 8 stars you will be earning Elder Dragons. The most powerful ones in Monster Hunter Stories.

MH Stories Multiplayer Guide

You have to read our guide on how you unlock Multiplayer in Monster Hunter Stories. This guide will help you with learning everything about co-op missions. So before moving ahead with finding bottlecaps make sure you read all the tips from the Multiplayer Guide.

There are three types of Multiplayer or Co-op missions in Monster Hunter World.  The first one is Slay Quest where you will have to find a target monster and slay it. The second is a Trail Quest where you will have to defeat targets within a time limit. And the last type of co-op mission is Expeditions. This is where you will get eggs. Focus more on expeditions if you are looking for the most powerful monstie’s in MH Stories 2.

MH Stories Rare Dens Location

Do not forget to carry a Finding Charm to locate the eggs faster. Also, you will need help finding Rare Eggs Den where you will find eggs of super rare monsters. They are not easy to find, also there are certain criteria to enter them. Do check the link to know more.