How To Find Deviants in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

Tips on how to get Most Powerful Monsters in MH Stories 2?

Monstie’s hatch from monster eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2. Eggs are found in monster dens, depending on the type you will unlock a base level or rare monster. For super rare monsters you will have to find super rare monster dens. To enlight you more on this refer to types of Monstie Eggs MH Stories 2 guide. Continuing with Deviants, or Elder Dragons they are the highest-ranking monsters in MH Stories. Finding them is not easy, but relax this article contains information on where to focus.

Monster Hunter Stories Deviants & Elder Dragons Location

MH Stories 2 Deviants Guide

Eggs of Elder Dragons have stars marked on them. While Devaint’s monstie hatches from Fanged or Flying Wyvern variant. I am going to share the locations where you have to explore for Elder Dragons. Also, you can find Deviant eggs in these places, do not forget to follow all the main quest’s in MH Stories 2.

  1. Explore Hakolo Island to locate Silverwind Nargacuga (Deviant) & Teostra (Elder Dragon) Eggs.
  2. Explore Alcala Highlands to locate Grimclaw Tigrex & Rajang (Deviant). You can also find Kushala Daora (Elder Dragon) Egg here.
  3. Explore Loloska to locate Thunderlord Zinogre & Rajang (Deviant). You can also find Velkhana (Elder Dragon) Egg here.
  4. Explore Lamure to locate Bloodbath Diablos (Deviant) & Kushala Daora (Elder Dragon) Eggs.
  5. Explore Terga to locate Dreadqueen Rathian (Deviant) Eggs. You will also find Nergigante, Teostra and & Velkhana (Elder Dragon) Eggs.

The following locations will help you to find different variants of monsters with powerful genes. They can letter be upgraded to unlock more powerful skills that will help you in many boss fights. Struggling to Elder Dragons or Deviant is worth enough in Monster Hunter Stories. Because they are quite powerful monsters and some of the Elder Dragons also possess superpowers. You can use them in the battle to fight with stronger monsters.

Look for an 8 Star Co-op quest to hunt down these monsters.  You will need Super Rare Expedition Tickets to explore these super rare monster dens. Each SR Expedition ticket cos around 100 bottle caps. Go to Melynx Inc and exchange the bottle caps for the tickets. You will need to play a co-op quest for this. It is not really necessary to find a friend you can play with an AI teammate also. Playing Co-op missions with friends will let you carry more than one eggs.

You can check our guide on MH Stories Bottlecap farming to find out easy ways to get this in-game currency. You will also need Stimulants to unlock gene slots for upgrading your Monsties. Unlocking a similar gene slot in one direction will hit the Bingo bonus. Also do not forget to check how to find Rare Den’s in MH Stories. This guide will help you to find rare eggs that will hatch really powerful Monsties.