How to find and beat Velkhana in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

Velkhana is found in Loloska and Terga Volcano in Monster Hunter Stories 2. It is one of the Elder Dragons in MH Stories 2.

Elder Dragons are one of the most powerful monsters in Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin. If you found one of these super rare eggs you can hatch out a Monstie with superpowers. They can be your most powerful allies in the battle. But it not easy to find Elder Dragons in Monster Hunter Stories 2. They spawn on a secluded spot and being rare they are very powerful monsters to beat. The article contains information on how to find and beat Velkhana.

Where to find Velkhana Eggs?

Velkhana Elder Dragon spawns in two regions. They are Loloska and Terga Volcano. Loloska is located next to Alcala in Monster Hunter Rise 2. It is a snowy region where you can also find Legiana Monster.  You will have to reach Elder’s Liar Zone 5 to finally start the Velkhana boss fight. One of the Zone 5 Trails is Slay the Velkhana missions if just keep on progressing through the regular mission. Terga Volcano is under a volcano, it’s a cave area with crystals around. Also, lava constantly flows inside these caves.

Tips to find Velkhana Monsters:

Where to find Velkhana Eggs?

The easiest way to find Velkhana is by playing co-op missions in Monster Hunter Stories 2. If you do not have anyone to play with you will get an AI character. 8-Star Co-op Expeditions have higher chances of getting Elder Dragons. You will have to use SR Tickets to play these expeditions. SR Tickets are super rate tickets in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

  1. Pick a Co-op Expedition Mission with an AI Character.
  2. Use an SR ticket to unlock the expedition.
  3. SR tickets are super rare and cost around 100 bottlecaps.
  4. Every expedition has a final monster, a kind of boss. Defeat it and only you will get a rare egg.

How to get SR Tickets in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

MH Rise Stories 2 Super Rare Tickets

Find the Bottlecap Vendor and from the menu select Exchange for Items. From the next menu switch to the second tab by press R and look for Expedition Ticket (SR). Each ticket cost around 100 bottlecaps. Want some help with Bottlecap farming in MH Stories 2 then read this guide.

  • Expedition Ticket (SR) – A Ticket lets you undertake a Co-op Expedition Quest. Use it to explore a Super Rare Den.

Another way to get SR tickets in Monster Hunter Stories 2 is to explore blue chest in the open world. If you are lucky you might get one for almost free. There is no guarantee, it all relies on random luck. If there is no Elder Dragon then you will get a Deviant.

So this is how you can unlock one of the super rare monsters Velkhana in Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin. You can also refer to the links to find Rare Eggs or monsters like Nargacuga.