How to Use Stimulants in Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin?

Stimulants are required to unlock new levels of Genes to level up Monstie's in MH Stories 2.

If you had played Monster Hunter Stories before then it is easy to understand the mechanism of leveling up your Monsties. But if you are completely new to this game then there are some necessary aspects you know. For example how to use Stimulants in Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin. It is part of the Rite of Channeling game mechanism where you can unlock new types of damage bonuses for your Monsties. Rite of Channeling unlocks when you reach the third hub in Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin.

How to use Stimulants or where to find more Stimulants in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

MH Stories 2 Genes Stimulants

You can use stimulants in the Rite of Channeling menu. Each Monstie in the game has nine genes, which are displayed under the section. Arrange in a pattern of tic-tac-toe, these 9 genes are responsible for unlocking new attack types or boost damage bonus. On the above game screenshot, you can see the patterns of genes. When you hit three in the straight line you hit a Bingo Bonus.

The pattern of Gene differs for different Monstie’s. Only some of them have al 9 active. To hit Bingo you will either have to match three abilities or three colors in the same line. It has been found by some players that matching all of them can help you to entirely modify the attack type of your Monstie in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

What are Stimulants?

Stimulants are special items you feed to your Monstie’s in Monster Hunter Stories 2. It is used to unlock active combat skills or passive abilities through the grid. You can buy Stimulants from Melyxn Inc against bottlecaps. If you are able to unlock the same type of gene three times in a row you will unlock a bingo bonus. You can unlock three genes in line horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Bingo Bonus will boost the Monstie power, and overlapping gene over existing will further boost its effectiveness.  Here is how to find Bottle caps easily in the game.

Where to find Bottlecaps?

MH Stories 2 Bottlecaps Location

Bottlecaps can be commonly found in a Treasure chest in special monster dens called Everdens. There can be more than one chest in the area, also look for red treasure chest.  Also while exploring caves you will find breakable rocks. You can break them while riding your monster. Just press B by standing in front of them. Some chests will reward you with 3 caps while some are filled with 8 caps.

Completing the story solo and then exploring the world will help you to earn more rewards. The number of bottle caps found in the random chests will increase. This will make things easier to get more stimulants and level up the Monstie’s in MH Stories 2.

Finding items and rewards is a lot easier if you progress to the end of the main story. Open-world exploration after that is much more rewarding. This is because you level up and unlocks some cool charms of finding items easily. Also do not forget to read about How to Change Monstie’s Gene’s in MH Stories 2 to understand more about the Rite of Channeling. Also want help with Bottlecap Farming then hit the link.  The guide will help you with common locations where you can easily find Bottlecaps in Monter Hunter Stories 2.