How to Get/Unlock New Monsties in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

Want new Monsties in Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin? Here is how you can find new monsties and upgrade them.

Monsties are something similar to pets in Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin. They are your allies who will fight side-by-side on the battleground. Their abilities, skills, and other upgrades play a big role during a monster fight. You can find new Monstie’s in Monster Hunter Stories 2. This guide has instructions on how to find new ones and how to level up Monstie’s to earn more active and passive skills.

How to get New Monsties?

MH Stories 2 New Monsties Guide

Monsties hatched from Eggs in MH Stories 2. You will collect eggs while on exploration or during the main mission. The challenge is to safely carry the egg to the village to set it for hatching. To find new eggs you will have to locate a monster nest in the game. Which is accessible via passing through the monster den. Grab the egg without getting caught and escape, which is the most challenging part. You will have to carry the egg to the exit point.

Monstie Egg Patterns:

Each Egg has a pattern that defines the type of Monstie hatches from it. Some are really rare and can only be found later in the game. These rate Monstie can develop special skills of disappearing. Using this you can wander anywhere without getting detected. Even near the monster’s nest, rob their eggs and run away. Best is to walk away quietly or else be ready to right the mother.

Here is all about Monstie Egg pattern in MH Stories 2. This will help you to figure out whether you need it or not.

Monstie Egg Patterns

The first two are Herbivore Eggs. The second two blue and white are Bird Wyvern Eggs and the last one hatches Fanged Beast. When you are wandering around in the open world and get a chance to grab an egg do notice the pattern on it. Identifying the pattern will help you to pick the Monstie of your choice. You will have to level up them as you progress.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 has a gene system that is used to level up the Monstie. It is available under the Rite of Channeling menu. You will have to find Stimulants to unlock new Genes for upgrading Monsties. You can then use the stimulants to unlock new genes that later unlock the damage bonus. If you want to know more about the same refer to how to change genes in MH Stories 2.

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