How To Beat Oltura Last Boss In Monster Hunter Stories 2 (MHS2)

Find out how to beat the Oltura Final Boss in MHS 2.

Oltura is the final boss that you fill have to beat in Monster Hunter Stories 2. Oltura is a signature monster that has never been seen before. But obviously being the final boss you can accept the fact that this is the toughest boss fight you will face. So, without wasting any more time let’s find out how to beat Oltura.

How to beat Oltura in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

Monster Hunter Stories 2: How To Beat Oltura Final Boss

As with boss fights in Monster Hunter, this battle has been divided into 3 distinct phases. So, let’s find out which moves you should perform in each of the three phases.

Oltura Boss Fight Phase 1

For the first phase of the fight, Oltura will use Technical attacks. In such a situation it is best to use Power Attacks and a Power monstie. Make sure that you perform double attacks so that you can rapidly fill up your Kinship Gauge. You will take damage during the fight so use some time to heal. You can also play the Berserk tune which will raise your Critical Attack value against Oltura to beat him in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Once Oltura gets mad, he will spam power attacks. This is the time to use Speed Attacks to your benefit. After 7 turns Oltura will spawn 2 sets of wings. At this point make sure that you target your attacks on the wings in order to break them. When you see Oltura getting ready for a Power Attack make sure you spam with Double Attacks.

Oltura will again grow wings after you break the initial pair. During this attack, he will use speed attacks. This is your cue to use Power or Technical Attacks as counters. Do all this and you will beat Oltura in the first phase of the boss fight in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

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Oltura Boss Fight Phase 2

During the second phase of the fight, Oltura will perform an attack that will reduce your entire team’s health to 1 HP. During this phase make sure you recover your health as you will need it for the rest of this phase.

This time around Oltura will spawn 4 wings. Again focus your attacks on his wings. Use Double Attacks to your benefit at every chance you get. Once you break all 3 wings you will go over to the third and final phase of the fight.

Oltura Boss Fight Phase 3: How To Beat Final Phase in Monster Hunter Stories 2

We have bad news for you. In the Third Phase of the fight, Oltura launches an attack that will wipe out all your teammates. This happens during the 6th round of the final phase. During this time it is better to have some hearts available. Make sure that you damage Oltura well enough before the 6th round.

Again, use Double Attacks to your benefit. Focus attacks on the wings as this is the best way to beat Oltura. If you want to avoid the 6th Round wipeout just ride around on your Monstie. If you survive this attack you will be able to beat Oltura easily soon after in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

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How to prepare for the Oltura Boss Fight?

If you have any chance of getting through the Oltura Boss Fight successfully you need to follow these steps.

Healing Items

Make sure you have enough healing items along with you. As soon as your health goes lower than half, make sure you heal up immediately. Stock up on potions and healing powders. Also, bring Vital Essence as this will help you to get more hearts.

Kinship Gauge

Make sure that you keep the Kinship gauge boosted and filled. This will allow you to get out of tough situations easily. It also allows you to spam Oltura with a lot of Special Attacks. You can now also use Double Kinship attacks to your benefit.

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Monsties with High HP Stats

You will be receiving a lot of damage in this fight with Oltura. So, make sure that you pick monsters and companions that have a large Health bar. This will allow them to absorb a lot of the damage inflicted as well as act as a quick getaway for you.

This is everything you need to know about how to beat the final boss Oltura in Monster Hunter Stories 2. Now that you are here make sure to check out our Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wiki to learn more about the game.

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