Where to find Glavenus Egg in Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin

Here is how to find Glavenus Monstie egg?

Glavenus can remind you of T-Rex, a giant monster with spikes on the body and a powerful tail to attack. To get Glavenus  Monstie Egg you will have to first find one fully grown Glavenus monster and defeat it. After this, the monster will frequently spawn in the region and so the Galvenus eggs. The next thing is to find a monster den that gives you access to Glavenus Nest.

MH Stories 2 Glavenus Egg Location

Monster Hunter Stories Glavenus Eggs

Glavenus is found in the outskirts of the Alcala region of Monster Hunter Stories 2. Another way to reach this monster is completing Sub-Quest “A Scrivener’s Worries“. It is a 7 Star quest that will send you on an expedition of slaying a Glavenus. If you are having a flying Monstie then you can find a low-rank Glavenus on this side mission.

In the image above you find the exact egg color to look for. Glavenus eggs have patterns on them and most of the eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2 come in two colors. Egg Patters define the type of Monstie in it, the link will help you to understand more about Monster Hunter Stories Egg pattern.

Glavenus Stats:

  • Genus – Brute Wyvern
  • Rarity – 5 Star
  • Attack Type – Power
  • Growth – Quick
  • Riding Action – Monster Search / Mega Breaker
  • Habitat – Alcala
  • Max HP – 7 / 10.
  • Speed – 5 / 10.
  • Recovery – 1 / 10.
  • Crit Rate – 7 / 10.

You can unlock new gene slots and make this monster way more powerful. The above stats are at the base level and you can see Glavenus has a high crit rate. This plays a big role in the battlezone where you have an edge on crit damage.

Glavenus Kinship Skill is X Blaze. Here is what this skill does – After unleashing a high-speed beam from its mouth, it jumps into the air. Sharpening its giant sword-like tail, it puts all its weight into an aerial tail slam, obliterating anything underneath it and carving a cross into the ground Deals damage to one enemy.

He can slam other monsters with his powerful tail which if landed well can give you high crit damage. This is what makes Glavenus a really powerful monstie to ride in Monster Hunter Stories 2. In a similar way, you can find more monsters in the game. The best one falls in the Deviant and Elder Dragons category. You will have to play high ranking quest to find their eggs. They are in Super Rare Dens and required Super Rare Expedition tickets to access.