How to Get Elder Dragons Eggs In Monster Hunter Stories 2?

Super Rare High Rank Monster Dens Locations

At the end of Monster Hunter Stories 2, you will be left to explore the wilderness. Time to hunt down some Elder Dragons. They are super rare and super powerful monsties in Monster Hunter Stories 2. The challenge here is to find Super Rare Monster Rare dens which have Elder Dragon Eggs. In this guide, I will help you in finding these rare monsters. If you are lucky you can get these eggs early in the game.

Where to find Elder Dragon Eggs?

MH Stories 2 Elder Eggs

Elder Dragon eggs are found in Super Rare High-Rank Monster Dens. A finding charm or a monstie ability to locate a nearby chest is good enough to find these dens. You can use the Nest Search Ability of the Raithian monster for the same. Kulu-Ya-Ku also has this ability, using this they will sniff off any nearby hidden den.

On exploration activate the Nest Search Ability, the den will be visible on the map. Follow the marker and you will easily find one of the Elder Dragon Dens. To enter you will need Expedition Ticket SR. SR stands for Super Rare, which costs around 100 Bottle caps at Melynx Inc. You can hit the link to find out where to farm Bottlecaps faster in Monster Hunter Stories.

There are 5 different Elder Dragons Eggs in MH Stories 2. These rare eggs are not easy to find. They have a star sign on them, that is how you can identify an Elder Dragon Egg. Below is the list of all five super is Elder Dragon Monsties in MH Stories 2 and their locations.

  1. Velkhana – Search in Loloska Tegra Volcano (Look for Orange Blue Combination Eggs).
  2. Nergigante & Teostra – Search in Terga Volcano (Look for Black and Red Combination for the first one. Teostra monsties are in Orange and Blue eggs)
  3.  Kushala Daora – Search in Alcala. (Search for Orange and Black combination egg.)
  4.  Kirin – Can be found in any region.  (Search for blue and bright white combination egg.)

Super Rare Dens does not spawn regularly. They have a very low spawn rate, you have to keep on exploring. Super Rare Dens are covered in diamond crystals, so they are quite easy to identify. There are more chances to find a rare den if you level up fast. To access the den you will need an Expedition Ticket (SR).

You can also find Elder Dragons after or while completing 8 Star Quest. These quests will be available at the very end of the game. Progress all the way to the end of the game and you will be able to unlock these 8-star co-op quests. Play this quest and you will find a way to slay a super rare dragon. That in return will give you access to the region where Super Rare Den’s spawn.

This is how you can find Elder Dragon Eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2. There is still a lot more to explore in the game. Do visit our Monster Hunter Stories 2 guide section to get the latest tips on MHS 2.