Monster Hunter Stories 2: How To Get A Nergigante Egg

Find out all the steps you will need to take to get a Nergigante Egg in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 allows you to get eggs from monsters such as the Nergigante. However, said monsters don’t usually give up their precious eggs so soon. So, scroll down and get ready for a world of pain in order to understand how to get the Nergigante Egg in MHS 2.

How to get Nergigante Egg in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

How To Get A Nergigante Egg In Monster Hunter Stories 2

To get the Nergigante Eggs you will have to actually find the location of the den. According to our research, you can find the den at the base of the Terga Volcano. However, you will have to refresh and keep visiting the dens, again and again, to find the eggs.

The Nergigante is anyways a rare monster. Its eggs even more so. You will have to keep a sharp eye out for the Nergigante eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

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For most of the other monsters, you will have to make sure the monster retreats back to its den. Once you do so, track back with the monster to its den. Now, just wait for the monster to go to sleep. Once you can confirm that the monster has dozed off, simply go into the den and take the eggs.

This is the tricky part of the entire game. It is very difficult to get the Monsters to go back to their den. Sometimes you will have to use specific items such as paint bombs and shock traps. This causes the monsters to retreat to their dens.

This is everything you need to know about how to get Nergigante Eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2. Now that you are here make sure you have a look at how to get Bitterbugs as well as how to obtain Honey in Monster Hunter Stories 2.