How To Kill Kushala Daora In Monster Hunter Rise – Boss Fight

Know the easiest way to kill Kushala Daora in MH Rise.

The new Monster Hunter Rise update has introduced us to some of the most magnificent creatures. Kushala Daora was one such addition. The monster is an Elder Dragon with a skin of steel. His colossal wings and eyes that hold rage can intimidate the best of the best. Kushala Daora can be challenging to beat, hence we have observed its patterns and brought together the easiest way to defeat it. So keep reading if you would like to know how to kill Kushala Daora in Monster Hunter Rise easily.

How To Beat Kushala Daora In MH Rise

Follow the steps mentioned below to defeat Kushala Daora in the MHR Boss Fight.

Know Your Enemy

Kushala Daora

Kushala Daora is a monster that you will encounter in The Steely Storm quest. This quest will be available after you reach high rank 30. It is a Wind Element monster found in the Frost Islands. Weak to thunder, fire, dragon, and water, this large monster is resistant to ice. The wind is his mojo and it is known for its wind attacks. His attacks are very unexpected and quick on the ground. Its weak points are head, leg, and tail.

Attacks and Defense

  • Swipe attack with face/hand – Swings its head or hand towards the player while shooting out air.
  • Flying Tornado – It will fly up in the air and create a tornado around him.
  • Air dive- Flies in your direction to knock you over.
  • Air Blow – Blowing air out of its mouth with full force towards the hunter.
  • Wind Shield – create a wind barrier that will shield it and knock the hunter down.
  • Summoning tornadoes – Creates one to five tornadoes in the area.

Player Strategy to Beat Kushala in Daora Monster Hunter Rise

  • The swipe attack is the most basic of his attacks and can be easily dodged backward or avoided completely if you keep your distance from the monster. It will however do a combo with this attack where it will swipe left then right at the hunter. You can sprint away from this attack.

Attack 1

Cue – It will swing its head/leg back a little for momentum before the attack.

  • The flying tornado attack is pretty straightforward too. You cannot enter the tornado to attack it or stand extremely close to the tornado as you will take damage. If you have a rocksteady mantle, however, you will not be affected by this attack and will be able to get to Kushala Daora to kill it.

Flying Tornedo
Cue – It will fly straight up instead of slant takeoff.

  • For the air dive, the hunter can just dodge and roll on either of the sides as the attack will be in one singular path in one direction.

Kushala Daora Attack Pattern

Cue – It will lean back and take a pause before charging at you.

  • The Air blow attack will cause a considerable amount of damage to the hunter so be quick on your feet and dodge this attack on time.

Beat Kushala Daora Monster Hunter Rise
Cue – It will stand on its hind legs and pull its face backward which will be a visible cue for your player to doge at the right time.

  • When it summons the tornadoes, it will cover a wide range of the location and the players have to make sure they are not stuck between any two tornadoes as this can result in your hunter fainting.

Beat Kushala Daora Monster Hunter Rise
Cue – Open its wings to the fullest and stand on its hind legs

  • The Shield defense will be up when it is in its rage mode. This shield can be weakened by poison elements. If you do not have any poisoning elements, just maintain your distance. You can access its head and tail while the shield is up but we suggest you go for that attack if you have good defensive armor.

Trick to Defeat Kushala Daora in MH Rise

To defeat Kushala Daora, we suggest you go with the sharpest melee weapon in this fight because though it is a flying monster, most of his attacks are ground-bound and its steel skin is hard to penetrate. If you are equipped with a long-range weapon, aim for the tail more. Stack yourself with a couple of mega potions and focus on defense more with your gear. The best place to attack it will be straight on his head and while it is mid-attack you can attack it from standing beneath its body.

So that is all for our guide on how to beat and kill Kushala Daora in Monster Hunter Rise. If you would like to know how to beat Chameleos in MHR, check out our guide on that too.