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How To Beat Chameleos In Monster Hunter Rise

This guide will show you how to beat the Chameleos Elder Dragon.

The Chameleos is a new Elder Dragon in Monster Hunter Rise. This new debutant is part of the new Version 2.0 update for Monster Hunter Rise. Launched on 28 April, the Chameleos is one of 6 new monsters added to the game. While the Chameleos was introduced during the initial release of the game, it was never really out in the actual game. Now, that it has finally made its entry into the MH Rise many players have been wondering how to beat it. Well, we’ve got your back on that. The Chameleos fight isn’t that tough and you just need to keep your eyes open as the Elder Dragon does keep disappearing. With all that out of the way just scroll down and find out how to beat the Chameleos in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to defeat Chameleos in Monster Hunter Rise


How To Beat Chameleos In Monster Hunter Rise
You should have gone for the head!

Chameleos takes most damage to the head. So when fighting the Chameleos make sure you focus your attacks on its lobe. This Elder Dragon is very susceptible to Fire, Blast, and Thunder Elemental damages. Water and Ice leave it pretty much unaffected. If you want to utilize elemental attacks to the fullest it is better to go with faster weapons in the game as they will allow you to connect better. Blunt force damage can be used on the Chameleos’ head and forelegs. If you are using long-range shot damage then your best bet is to attack the head and the tail. Keep flash bombs handy as it may force the Chameleos to shed it’s invisibility cloak. You can use the Elemental Blight. This will put a faint glow around the body of the Chameleos.

You can also use the Target Camera to keep track of the Chameleos. Using the Target Camera will keep the camera targeted on the Chameleos. You can do this by placing the Target Camera on Chameleos. Once the Elder Dragon cloaks itself, focus on the map. Wait for it to reappear. Once its icon does reappear, lock the Target Camera. This will ensure that the camera view always keeps the Chameleos centered.


Breaking the Horn is also a good way to stop Chameleos from going invisible every now and then in Monster Hunter Rise. If you do find yourself inside the Poison Ring you can use the Wiredash to get out of the way.

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Chameleos doesn’t have any elemental attacks on its own, which is a relief. What this means is that you don’t have to craft your armor with any particular resistances in mind. However, the Chameleos has some pretty daft poisonous attacks. These poisons will readily sap your HP quickly. It might be wise to equip yourself with medicines and herbs to ward off the effects of the poison.  Having a Poison Resistance skill can be handy too.


The Chameleos itself has a 1-star status effect vulnerability for Stun, Ice Blight, Water Blight, and Thunder Blight. It also has a 2-star status effect vulnerability for Blast and Fire Blight. Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, and Exhaust do not have any effect on the Chameleos as it isn’t vulnerable to such Status Effects.

The Chameleos also doesn’t have any vulnerabilities against the Pitfall Trap, Shock Trap, and Dung Bomb. Meat Effects and Sonic Bomb bring out situational vulnerability for the Chameleos. Flash Bombs are its only major vulnerability.

Use the Kaiser Teostra armor in the fight against the Chameleos. This armor set comes with the Teostra Blessing special skill. Upgraded to level 3, this armor will prevent Poison and Venom and at level 4 will also prevent theft. This makes it a must-have in the fight against the Chameleos.


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Where to find the Chameleos in Monster Hunter Rise

How To Beat Chameleos In Monster Hunter Rise

The Chameleos is seen lurking in two locations on the MHR map. It is seen in either the Shrine Ruins or the Flooded Forest. This explains its resistance to water elemental attacks in the game. Another point to note is that the Chameleos monster is only unlocked once you reach High-Rank 20 in the game. Once you reach High-Rank 20 you will get an urgent quest called ‘Ancient Illusion’ which will give you access to the Chameleos Elder Dragon in Monster Hunter Rise.

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Chameleos attack types and patterns

The Chameleos has 9 special attacks. All these attacks do have a telling sign that you should watch out for. Once you learn to predict these attacks you will be able to dodge them with ease. Even if some attacks do hit you, do not worry much and use your potions to their fullest.

  • Stealth Attack: This is the most basic of attacks that the Chameleos will perform in Monster Hunter Rise. For the purpose of this attack, the Chameleos uses its cloaking ability to become invisible. Once it has made itself invisible it goes on to attack your character. Keep moving around to stay away from these attacks. However, these attacks are far and few in between and one you shouldn’t worry much about. All you have to do to break the Chameleos’ invisibility is to use the Flash Bomb. If you break the Chameleos’ head, it will stop going invisible.
  • Tongue Lash: This is one of the tongue-in-cheek attacks (pun intended) that the Chameleos will perform. The Tongue Lash is the Chameleos’ own version of a ranged attack. It will lash out its tongue in your direction and you can use the Wirebug to get out of the way. When it uses its tongue, the Chameleos can also sap Spiribird Pollens if its attack touches you. Beware of this attack and make sure you distance yourself accordingly.

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  • Bite Attack: This is the close-range attack variant of the Tongue Lash. It also basically has the same effect as the Tongue Lash. Needless to say, this attack occurs when you are close to the head of the Chameleos. It makes sense to attack the forelegs in this case until you can get the Chameleos unconscious after which you can hit it on the head.
  • Body Slam: This can be one of the more damaging attacks the Chameleos performs. If it does manage to connect with you, be ready for a world of pain as it can quickly remove a large chunk of your HP. The other thing that makes this attack annoying is the fact that the Chameleos can perform it when it is invisible. So you may never see it coming and you will need to have some pretty quick reflexes to get out of the way. So keep an eye out whenever the Chameleos goes invisible in Monster Hunter Rise. Using Flash Bombs can be advantageous to you.
  • Tail Fan: The Tail Fan attack is done by the Chameleos by slamming its tail into the ground. Once it does that a barrage of rocks will be lifted up in the air. And these aren’t small projectiles by any measure. Huge rocks will be thrown up in a hand fan-like shape. So when you see the Chameleos lift its tail make sure you move out of the way. This attack occurs in three stages. Chameleos performs this attack in quick successions of three.

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  • Poison Beam: The Poison Beam attack sends out a spew of poison. This is a high-pressure stream of venom that can be fatal if it connects with you. Once it does it will deal you with Venom damage. Venom will slowly sap your health over a time period. Your health potions will come in handy here. There is a windup action to this attack so that you can avoid it.
  • Poison Fountain: This is a pretty self-explanatory attack. Chameleos will spew a fountain of Venom around itself. Before performing this attack, Chameleos will look up to the sky and spit out balls of Poison and Venom in a fountain-like manner. After this, the Chameleos will also produce a poison cloud around itself.
  • Poison Ring: For this attack, the Chameleos will start flying. Once it does that it will start shooting Poison balls in a ring-like form. If the Chameleos hovers over the center of this ring, the ring will expand. If it moves aside the ring will collapse. Use your long-range weapons to move the Chameleos.
  • Poison Ring Vacuum: This is a variant of the Poison Ring attack. However, the only change in this form is that once Chameleos moves out of the way the poison ring will collapse in a vacuum which will trap your character and deal Venom damage.

This is everything you need to know about how to beat Chameleos in Monster Hunter Rise. While you are here you can have a look at how to get Narga Medulla or how to get Outfit Vouchers.