Monster Hunter Rise: How To Get Narga Medulla

Find out how to get the Narga Medulla in MHR.

The Narga Medulla is an item you get as a drop or after carving the Nargacuga in MH Rise. This item is used in crafting weapons and armor in the game. MH Rise describes this special item as ‘A Nargacuga’s medulla. Merely touching it causes extreme pain, making crafting quite difficult.’ As you might have guessed by now, the Medulla is part of the Nargacuga’s brain and also its most vulnerable part. Keep on reading to find out how to get Narga Medulla in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to get Narga Medulla in Monster Hunter Rise

How To Get Narga Medulla In Monster Hunter Rise
You will have a higher chance of getting a Narga Medulla by breaking the tail of the Nargacuga.

To get the Narga Medulla you will have to defeat the Nargacuga monster by looking at the interlinked article.  Once you defeat the Nargacuga monster make sure to carve its body for a 7% chance to get the Narga Medulla as a drop. Breaking the tail of the Nargacuga during the fight has a 12% chance of dropping Narga Medulla. The Target Reward for Nargacuga has a 5% chance of giving you the Narga Medulla. Capture Reward for Nargacuga will have only a 3% chance of dropping it.

So during the fight, your best bet is to break the tail of the Nargacuga. After that, if you still haven’t got the Narga Medulla, make sure to carve the body. Going on quests specific to the monster will have a higher drop chance than usual.

Items made using Narga Medulla


  • Dark of Night
  • Deepest Night
  • Flash in the Night
  • Night Eternal
  • Evening Calm
  • Night Flight
  • Night Owl
  • Scream in the Night
  • Night Rains Black
  • Baleful Night
  • Night Wings
  • Night’s Crescent
  • Cendrillon


  • Nargacuga Coil S

Armor Sets

  • Nargacuga S Set

This is everything you need to know about how to get the Narga Medulla in Monster Hunter Rise. Here at GamerTweak we have covered some other MH Rise articles as well so make sure to check them out in the interlinked article.