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How To Defeat Diablos In Monster Hunter Rise (Boss Fight)

A step-by-step guide on how to beat the Diablos Boss in MH Rise and what strategy works the best.

Welcome to yet another MHR boss fight guide. In this one, we tackle the topic of beating Diablos. This dude here is one of the toughest monsters in MH Rise. It may take some patience and a proper strategy and the strategy part is on us! In this guide, we tell you how to defeat Diablos in Monster Hunter Rise easily.

How to Kill Diablos in Monster Hunter Rise?


To beat Diablos in MHR’s boss fight, you will have to follow the following steps:

Understand the Enemy Completely

Diablo Weak Points


Diablos is a large monster that can be found in the Sandy Plains region. This Flying Wyvern is the target of 4 different quests. It is a tough monster to fight as it has an aggressive fight style and his attacks cover almost all of the area of the fight zone. He has the ability to stun the player and trap you in a stun loop. Not just that, he can knock you out with one single move.

Prepare for the Boss Fight

Diablos MHR


Focus all your potions and meals on defenses before going for the fight. Stock up at least 8-10 mega potions along with keeping a couple of energy drinks handy for this fight. Chose a weapon that is relatively mobile than the other weapons and always keep your stamina in check. Get a few Sonic Bombs as it hates sound. A heads up, this is going to be a long fight with some patience at the hunter’s end. A cut damage weapon is an ideal choice for this fight and the second option is a blunt damage weapon. It is weak against Ice, Dragon and Water Keep your distance from its horns as much as you can and focus your entire strategy on defense.

Diablos Attacks

Diablos Bossfight


Diablos has three primary attacks which are listed below:

  • Tail Swipe- Swipes the tail from left to right or vice versa
  • Charge attack- Charges speedily at the hunter with the dual horns on its head
  • Burrowing the ground- Digs into the ground and emerged in a different spot attacking the player from the ground up.

Player Defense to Beat Diablos in Monster Hunter Rise

Defeat Diablos

For the charge attack, get a little bit of planning in. Diablos charges directly at you so choose an area with rocky terrain behind you. When it charges, dodge, and that way he will be stuck in the rocks momentarily. Take this chance to target his horns and preferably break them.

MHR boss fight strategy

When the tail swipe, the player may not have enough time to move back as the tail is quite long. What you can do is move forward where the tail and its body meets. Since the tail is at a good distance above the ground, you will be safe there. Note, its tail can be severed. If you can manage to do that during the fight, you can avoid this move of his altogether.

MHR Fight

As of the burrow attack, this is your time to shine. When he is coming out of the ground you will have a very small window where he will be slower. Go all-in with the attacks at this point and impose maximum damage on his sides.

Attack Hints

Diablos MHR Bossfight

With the horn attack, you will notice Diablos stand still for a second and take a step back. This stance of the monster will tell you that it is ready to charge. The burrow attack is easily noticeable when he starts digging the ground. A crack starts forming in the ground as it is about to charge at you from beneath so dodge sideways at this point.

Beating Diablos is no walk in the park. You have to keep your distance from him and have patience. It is worth the fight as he drops some really rare materials that can prove to be a boon for your hunter. So that is all for our guide on how to defeat Diablos in Monster Hunter Rise. If you are having difficulties defeating Nargacuga, make sure you check out our article on How To Defeat Nargacuga In Monster Hunter Rise.