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How To Kill The Barroth In Monster Hunter Rise (Boss Fight Walkthrough)

A step by step guide on how to kill Barroth in MHR by using the right strategy.

The monsters in MHR are really a work of art. Friendly ones as well as the enemies. These monsters have their own uniqueness and abilities that differentiate them from their fellow monsters. However, as a hunter, this might work against you as you might need to develop a different strategy for every fight in MH Rise. That is where we step in. In this boss fight guide, we cover a sure-shot strategy to defeat and kill the Barroth in Monster Hunter Rise. We have listed down all the attacks and ways to tackle them to beat Barroth.

How To Defeat Barroth In Monster Hunter Rise?


To beat the Barroth in MHR’s boss fight, you will have to follow the following steps:

Understand Your Enemy

How to defeat MHR Boss


Let us start with an overview of our pal here. This Brute Wyvern is a beast of a monster who is found in the Sandy Plains region. He loves to be in the mud. He is a water element monster that is the target of 5 different quests. As of his build, he is heavily armored which makes him thick-skinned around his head area and relatively slow in movements. His massive head can be carved for valuable resources so make sure you spend some extra effort to break his crown area which is not an easy task.

All Attacks of Barroth in MHR

The Barroth’s attacks in the boss fight can be categorized into 4 observable main attacks which are listed below:


  • Charging attack – Charges in a straight forward line that stunts the hunter
  • Head bash – Covers a small range area on the ground right in front of the monster
  • Tail swipe – Swings his tail in a circular motion.
  • Mud sling – Throws mud off his entire body covering a long-range area

Tips to Beat Barroth in Monster Hunter Rise

Barroth in MHR


The player should focus more on defense with this monster. Since the monster is slow, you will get enough time to attack. Do not attack him from the front as his head blocks attack. Only try attacking him from the front when you are using a blunt weapon which should be your weapon of choice for this fight. Target his forearms and tail as those are his weakest points. He is covered in mud mostly throughout the fight which makes it difficult to cause more damage. But to tackle that, use water and fire element weapons. He is weak to water when he has mud on him and weak to fire when he is clean.

We suggest you keep hitting him all over his body till the mud is wiped out so that he is more vulnerable. You will also have one less attack to deal with which is the mud swing. But this opening is short as he will roll into the mud and get himself covered again eventually. The mud will also stay on the ground for a while so stay cautious and do not step into it as it will slow your mobility. Try to dodge all of his attacks as he is very powerful and will cause some serious damage per attack.

Attack Hints of Barroth During the MHR Boss Fight

The following are the hints to notice before his attacks to dodge him:

how to beat Barroth

Before he goes for the ramming attack, you will hear him make a noticeable whistle and visible steam will come off his nostrils. He will also take a few steps back so remember to dodge as soon as you hear that noise and see him backing off.
how to kill barroth in monster hunter rise
For the head bash, you will notice his head go all the way up for momentum. He will gradually raise his head and that is when you will get out of his way.
MHR Boss Fight Guide

The mud sling attack will be intimated to you by your hunter when he says “Watch out!” That is your cue to realize there is a mud sling is on its and clear that area.

Tail Swipe attack by Barroth in Monster Hunter Rise

His tail will go straight up before the tail swing just like his head does for the head bash. Just observe his tail rise and dodge.

Remember, Barroth is slow, has a hard skin, and powerful. This combo may be deadly but by following our strategy, you will kill him easily. So that is all for our guide on how to defeat Barroth in MHR. If you are having difficulties beating Nargacuga, check out our article on How To Defeat Nargacuga In Monster Hunter Rise.