Monster Hunter Rise: How To Get Teostra Armor

Find out how to get the Teostra Armor set in MH Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Ver 2.0 is coming out on April 28 and there are new monsters such as Teostra. The new update even sees the addition of Layered Armor. Layered armor was earlier a paid exclusive in the game and was part of the DLC. With the new update, however, it has been unlocked for everyone in the game. You can now even mix about the armor sets for your Palico. Also, with the inclusion of new monsters comes the addition of new armor sets in the game. So, without further delay let’s jump into this guide about the Teostra Armor in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to get the Teostra Armor in Monster Hunter Rise

How To Get Teostra Armor In Monster Hunter Rise
Carve the body and break parts of the Teostra to craft weapons.

The Teostra Armor is also known as the Kaiser Armor set. You will have to beat the Teostra monster for this Armor set. The Kaiser Armor heavily requires Teostra body parts. You can get these parts either by breaking them during the fight or by carving the body of the Teostra. Teostra is a new monster that can be found in the Sandy Plains and Lava Caverns. The drops that you will get from the body of a Teostra are:

Teostra Part Drop Chance
Fire Dragon Scale+ Target Reward: 26%

Carve Reward: 21% (Body), 17% (Tail)

Dropped Material Reward: 25%

Teostra Carapace Target Reward: 14%

Carve Reward: 27% (Body)

Dropped Material Reward: 15%, 40%

Teostra Claw + Target Reward: 16%

Broken Part Reward: 18% (Wingclaw)

Carve Reward: 14% (Body)


Teostra Horn + Broken Part Reward: 72% (Head)

Carve Reward: 8% (Body)

Teostra Mane Target Reward: 19%

Broken Part Reward: 25% (Head)

Carve Reward: 18% (Body)

Teostra Webbing Broken Part Reward: 70% (Wingclaw)

Carve Reward: 10% (Body)

Kaiser (Teostra) Armor Set Material Requirements

Armor Name Materials required
Kaiser Coil Elder Dragon Bone ×3

Fire Dragon Scale+ ×5

Teostra Horn+ ×1

Teostra Webbing ×2

Kaiser Crown Magna Soulprism ×2

Teostra Carapace ×5

Teostra Mane ×3

Teostra Horn+ ×1

Kaiser Greaves


Rathalos Scale+ ×2

Teostra Carapace ×5

Teostra Claw+ ×1

Teostra Powder ×2

Kaiser Mail Anjanath Nosebone+ ×2

Teostra Carapace ×5

Teostra Mane ×2

Teostra Claw+ ×1

Kaiser Vembraces Fire Dragon Scale+ ×5

Teostra Powder ×2

Teostra Tail ×1

Teostra Gem ×1

This is everything you need to know about how to get the Teostra Armor Set in Monster Hunter Rise. Her at GamerTweak we have covered a bunch of MH Rise articles such as how to get Narga Medulla, so be sure to check them out in the interlinked article.