How to Unlock and Equip Layered Armor in Monster Hunter Rise?

How to Unlock Layered Amor in Monster Hunter Rise?

Monster Hunter Rise has various armors that impact the overall stats of your character. Also if you are looking for details on how to get layered armors in Monster Hunter Rise then you are on the right page. Layered Armor allows you to cover up your appearance in the game. And it is a cool feature to try on. Let’s discuss where you can find layered armors and how to equip them in Monster Hunter Rise.

Quick Tips to get Layered Armors in Monster Hunter Rise?

MHR Layered Constumes

Go to Steelworks and near the huge base on the left side look for the courier cat. Go to Add-on Content and you will see a list of things you can have under the Layered Armor in Monter Hunter Rise. Just on the opposite of the courier section look for Buddy Board. Interact with the board and you will see an additional menu with Layered Armored Settings.  From here you can customize the layered armors for your buddy.

MHR Layered Costumes

From the Courier, section turns right and crosses the bridge on the left of the giant statue to look for the item box. Interact and you will see all the layered armors inside the same. The box will unlock a new menu and go to Layered Armored Settings. It is the last option. From there you can modify and equip Layered armors in Monster Hunter Rise. There is a buddy board on the right,  you can use the same to customize your buddies.

Layered Armors are part of DLC content. They are paid add-on content for the game, and won’t be available for free in Monster Hunter Rise. If you are unable to find anything inside the courier part of Monster Hunter Rise then you will have to buy the same. You can have a look at our MH Rise Long Sword guide. It’s one of the coolest weapons you can try out that carries a lot of combo sets.