How to Heal a Broken Bone Starfield?

Broken Bone, Infections, Wounds, etc falls under the Affliction category of Starfield. Here is how to heal them fast.

Starfield has different types of damage, common ones are bullet wounds, jump damage, etc. But with this, there are more that are related to the environment. As players will be traveling into hostile environments, they can face infection, brain injury, heatstroke, poison, radiation, etc. All these types of damage will immensely affect the overall movement and combat capacity. This guide has details on how to heal broken bones faster and recover from severe illness in Starfield.

Fastest way to Heal a Broken Bone Starfield

Starfield Damage Types

To find current health press the Tab and go to the player menu. Look under Health for signs, each one has a different meaning. This also shows the severity of the type of damage your character is dealing with.

  1. Blue: Dislocated Limbs, Fractured Limb, Fractured Skull, Sprain, Torn Muscle.
  2. Orange: Burns and Frostbite
  3. Yellow: Brain Injury, Concussion, Heatstroke, Hernia, Hypothermia, Lung Damage, Poisoning, Radiation Poisoning
  4. Purple: Infections
  5. Red: Lacerations, Contusions, Puncture Wounds

Check out the above screenshot, the color warning sign below Health indicates the type of injury you are dealing with. Yellow ones are the most severe ones, while Blue ones can be fixed instantly. Here are steps on how to fix broken bones in Starfield.

  1. Go to Alpha Centauri Star System
  2. Land on Jemison
  3. Go to Reliant Medical and enter the Doctor’s office.
  4. Talk to the Doctor and pay to heal.

Pay 400 Credits to heal wounds, 500 to cure afflictions, and 750 to fix everything. This is how you can heal bones in Starfield. At the same place, you can also get rid of Alien DNA Traits, that reduce the effectiveness of Healing items. You can also buy medical supplies from the Doctor for your next voyage.

Whenever you are exploring make sure you check the Health status. Some places can give radiation damage that can impact Oxygen and Stamina, or turn the health bar red. Consumables will help survive for some time, but in the end, visit the Doctor to fix yourself completely.

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