How To Cure Lung Damage In Starfield

This guide will help you heal lung damage in Starfield using injectors, doctors, or natural healing methods.

Traveling to the many planets in Starfield can be physically demanding. Explorers are bound to pick up injuries and illnesses along the way as hazards are around every corner. One common affliction is lung damage, which can be incurred relatively early in your adventures. Breathing in toxic fumes or particulates is an easy way to suffer damage to the lungs. But never fear – several effective treatments and cures are available in Starfield to heal lung damage.

How to Fix Lung Damage in Starfield (All Healing Methods)

How To Cure Lung Damage In Starfield

Lung damage is a common injury that players can suffer in the game. It can be caused by breathing in the toxic atmosphere of a planet with a high concentration of poisonous gases. In some cases, the damage makes it difficult to go undetected. This is because the damage can cause sporadic oxygen loss and coughing fits.

There are several effective methods to treat lung damage in Starfield:

Use an Injector

Injectors are medical items that can cure various status effects like lung damage, brain injury, heatstroke and more. Both standard and boosted injectors will work for this damage. It can be found in floor loot, especially First Aid packs, purchased from vendors or crafted at the Pharmaceutical Lab.

Pay a Doctor

Doctors located in major settlements like New Atlantis can treat lung damage. Dr. Lebedev in Reliant Medical charges 400 credits to cure all status effects, including lung damage. Also, you can visit Talia O’Shea in The Well (New Atlantis) and Mary Cartwright in The Rock (Akila City).

Wait for Healing

In some cases, lung damage may heal on its own over time. Your character will gradually improve from “Poor” to “Stable”, however, this can take some time. This is a last resort if injectors or doctors are not accessible.

And that sums up everything about lung damage in Starfield. Furthermore, you can go through our dedicated section for Starfield for more such guides.