How To Not Get Frostbite In Starfield (Cold Resistance)

Keep getting frostbitten on colder planets in Starfield? You need some cold resistance.

Starfield is all about exploration, but it is not easy to go about without getting frostbite on colder planets. Just like in real life, if you are about to visit these extremely cold places, you will need to prepare first. These preparations include simple stuff like carrying a cure, using better equipment, and more. Getting them can take some time initially. But in the long run, these precautions can quite literally save you. So here is how you get cold resistance in Starfield.

How to Not Get Frostbite Using Cold Resistance in Starfield

Starfield How To Not Get Frostbite

In order to get cold resistance you should equip armor with high Thermal stat. The higher the thermal stat is, of your suits or helmets, the more cold resistance you will have. And better cold resistance means the slower you have a chance of getting frostbitten.

While having the best armor is good, you won’t exactly get one right away. Luckily there are more things that you can do to combat cold in this game:

  • Carry Heal Paste: This method doesn’t prevent you from getting frostbite but rather is the cure that you should use after you have the status affliction. Not only is it useful for healing frostbite, but you can also use it on burns.
  • Use Heal Gel: Similar to Heal Paste, you can also use Heal Gel to treat frostbite and burns.
  • Rank Up Environmental Conditioning: Rank 2 of the Environmental Conditioning skill gives you 10 resistance to Thermal environmental damage. This is another way to increase your cold resistance.

That’s all on how to get cold resistance and avoid frostbite in Starfield. While you are here I suggest you also check out our other guides on how to change name, get mantis ship, and add workbenches to ships. For more help on other such topics of this game be sure to check out our Starfield section.