What is the Green Rain in Stardew Valley in 1.6?

What does the green rain do and is it bad for your villagers in SDV? Find out here.

Players are noticing strange Green Rain in Stardew Valley after the 1.6 update and not much information was available or being discussed online. However, we do have some clarity now about the new weather condition and what it does. Find out if it’s harmful (is it acid rain?!) or beneficial for you.

How to Know if a Green Rain day is coming?

Watching the Weather Report on the TV will tell you about a strange phenomenon which is the Green Rain. You will see the report that says, “Um… There appears to be some kind of… anomalous reading… I… don’t know what this means…” And when it’s the next morning, it will be what you’re expecting — green rain. When it’s a Green Rain day, the TV will show a green static no matter which channel you switch to.

tv static during green rain day
image credit: Vale Starr on Youtube

Is Green Rain Acidic, Slime and Dangerous?

Thankfully, Green Rain in Stardew Valley is not acidic nor harmful to villagers. It can only occur during Summer and works similarly to normal rain but has some differences and most of it is for foliage.

is green rain acidic harmful in stardew valley
image credit: Vale Starr on Youtube

What does the Green Rain in Stardew Valley do?

When Green Rain is pouring, wild trees and weeds will appear in high amount throughout the valley except Beach and Calico Desert. You can make the most of this wild growth and collect Fiddlehead Ferns from this environmental change.

villagers taking shelter in the saloon
image credit: Vale Starr on Youtube

As per Stardew Valley wiki, tree saplings outside the greenhouse can fully grow when the day has green rain. However, grown trees may get covered in moss. They could also change to wild trees just for the day. Such wild trees will change to common trees the very next day. The weeds that appeared due to the green rain in Stardew Valley will also vanish the next day.

The last thing to note is that the Old Mariner will not show up during a Green Rain day. However, since a lot of villagers will be taking shelter from this rain at the Saloon, you can interact with them one after the other essentially saving time and getting crucial daily work done easily. When you go there, they may all talk about the rain since it’s such an anomaly and because they are scared of this weather condition.

villagers in the tavern during green rain in stardew valley
image credit: Vale Starr on Youtube

You can also spot the message from Gus by checking the mail. He writes, “Saw the weather report last night. I’m not sure what will happen, but if anyone wants to take shelter in the Saloon, I’ll keep it open all day.”

Here’s a video that can give you an idea about what to expect:

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