How To Get Powdermelon In Stardew Valley 1.6

Here’s how you can get plenty of Powdermelons in Stardew Valley easily.

The 1.6 update of Stardew Valley has introduced four new seasonal crops to the game. Powdermelon is one such crop that you can find during the in-game Winter season. Unlike most other crops, this one can not be purchased from Pierre’s store. Instead, you will have to find the Powdermelon Seeds and farm them to get the crop. Sounds like a lot of work, right? Don’t worry—our guide has everything covered for you.

So check out below to learn how to get the Powdermelon Seeds and eventually Powdermelon in Stardew Valley.

Here’s How to Get Powdermelon Seeds in Stardew Valley 1.6

To get the Powdermelon Seed, you will have to find grass spots coming out of the ground in Stardew Valley 1.6. A grass spot looks like three tufts of grass that are floating with the wind. Please do not confuse the grass spot with an artifact spot that looks very similar. Anyways, if you find a grass spot, dig it up using your Hoe to get a chance to obtain a Powdermelon Seed in Stardew Valley.

Note: Artifact spots can give you seeds and items after digging them up. You can donate the items to the Museum for extra rewards. However, the chances of obtaining a seed are higher when digging a grass spot.

Once you have the Powdermelon Seed, plant it on your farm. Give water and take care of it for 7 in-game days. After that, you will finally receive a Powdermelon in Stardew Valley. To get an indefinite amount of Powdermelon, you don’t necessarily have to go out and find its seed again. You can craft a Seed Maker, put the Powdermelon in it, and receive more seeds from it. This method gives you a never-ending source of this crop.

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Alternatively, if you want some gold, then you can sell the Powdermelon for 60 Golds which is a decent value. While it does not have a sales value like an Ancient Fruit, it’s still worth having.