Stardew Valley: How To Get Fiddlehead Fern

Farm Fiddlehead Fern to unlock Stardew Valley bundles and cook Fiddlehead Risotto.

Fiddlehead Fern of Stardew Valley is a type of vegetable players can use for Chef’s Bundle, Wild Medicine Bundle, cooking, and dyeing. Now there are several locations where you can forge to get the vegetable or purchase it. Some require an additional condition, while others can be used any time of the season, so read along and learn the Fiddlehead Fern locations in Stardew Valley.

How to Farm Fiddlehead Fern in Stardew Valley

Farm Fiddlehead Fern In Stardew Valley

At the time of writing this guide, there are three foraging locations and one purchase location in Stardew Valley. New foraging locations were added in the last two updates of the game, so there are chances that we will get more in the future. Till then, use this guide and farm or purchase them from these places.

Secret Woods in Summer

Summer, Spring, Winter, and Fall are the four seasons players see in this game. Summer is the second season that lasts for 28 days. The Surroundings differ with the season, when it is summer you will see green and yellowish grass around you and butterflies too. Once you notice these changes, go to the Secret Forest and collect all the Fiddlehead Fern grasses you can. After collecting them head to the next location.

Get Stardew Valley Fiddlehead Fern From Gingle Island

This place can be accessed in all seasons, but to reach this location you must buy a boat ticket from Willy’s Fish Shop. The travel charges a lot and leaves you at the Island South. But it is worth spending as there are many places you can explore here like Shrine, Island Trader, Field Office, Volcano Dungeon, and more. Once you have landed on the Island South walk towards the east to find the jungle. Lastly, collect the Fiddlehead Fern.

Skull Cavern’s Prehistoric Floors

Prehistoric floors are infested, so you cannot leave without clearing all enemies. So we recommend that you fully prepare before entering the zone. The area can also be used for foraging Dinosaur Eggs, so keep the space for them too.

Buy Fiddlehead Fern From Traveling Merchant of Stardew Valley

Travelling Cart appears on fridays and sundays in Cindersap Forest. The Merchant here has many useful and interesting items from standard to special range. You can explore his market once you have purchased the required amount of Fiddlehead Fern.

After collecting Fiddlehead Fern of Stardew Valley, you might be curious about other items you can farm in the game. If you are, then read where to obtain Squid and how to get Mermaid’s Pendant.