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Evil Dead Game – How To Get More XP

Here's our guide on how to get Experience Points (XP) in Evil Dead The Game.

Evil Dead The Game is a survival horror multiplayer game based on the iconic franchise. If you are a classic horror buff, you will relish playing its iconic characters and witnessing locations from the installments. Not to forget, the Kandarian Demon and the brutal Deadites also unleash their wrath upon Survivors. Similar to most online multiplayer games, you need the required Experience points or XP to level up the characters. Though it calls for a long grind, you need to choose specific modes to earn XP. That’s because not all the playable modes reward you with XP. So, here’s our guide on how to get more Experience points (XP) in Evil Dead the Game.

How to Get XP in Evil Dead The Game


  • One of the best ways to farm XP is to fill the lobby with friends for a Co-Op match and defeat the AI Demons.
  • While you can also play this multiplayer mode with other random players, make sure you can communicate with these players.
  • As Evil Dead the Game also supports crossplay, you can invite friends using other platforms to destroy the demons together.
  • Head over to the “Survivor vs Demon” section in the main menu and select “Play as a Survivor“.
how to get xp evil dead the game
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  • Make a note that you don’t get XP for Playing Solo and Private or Custom Matches (which is a bit disappointing!). So, if you are looking to farm XP, this might not be the mode to select.
  • You can get Experience points for playing PvP modes as a Survivor or the Kandarian Demon. But we suggest destroying the AI demons in a Co-op as it is much easier and will get you more XP.
  • In addition to these methods, you can repeat the completed missions or progress through missions to earn more XP.
  • As completing missions unlock the different characters, it is a great way to farm XP.
  • You get a skill point for each level you progress that can be used to upgrade your attributes.


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