Evil Dead Game: What Are Amulets & How To Use Them

Not sure what amulets do in Evil Dead The Game? This guide will explain it to you and can help you use them.

Amulets can be very useful when you use them correctly in Evil Dead The Game. In this game, you will come across many Deadites and all sorts of traps that can take away your health and shields quickly. Thankfully though you can use Amulets in this game to restore a part of your shield to save your skin in this game. So let us learn more about what exactly Amulets are in Evil Dead The Game and how to use them.

What are Amulets in Evil Dead The Game?

how to use amulets in evil dead the game

Amulets are basically used to apply shields in this game. But instead of a full-blown shield, they restore a small portion of your shield bar. The best part about them is you can carry multiple of them with you, and using them is super easy. When you use an amulet the damage you take from the Deadites is taken from your shield first and then from your HP. Thus the more amulets you collect and use the more shield you can have.

How to Use Amulets

You can use Amulets in this game by pressing the right button on the D-pad of your controller for PlayStation and Xbox. As a PC player, you can do that by pressing the 3 key on your keyboard.
The advantage PC players have is if they don’t like the default keybind for using Amulets they can easily change it from the Input section in settings. Although, this feature is not available at the moment for players using controllers.

Tips for using them

These are some of the general tips that can come in handy for using Amulets in this game.

  • Decide when to use them: Using them the moment you get one is probably the worst idea, especially if you are full-on health. Rather it is better when you use it while low on health. The best timing would be before getting into fights.
  • Use them and not hoard: This tip is somewhat contradictory to the above tip and still somehow supports it. What I mean by this tip is there is no point in just collecting them either. So instead of not using it at all till the end, use it to replenish a part of your shield and save the rest for later. This tip is useful when you have multiple amulets and can afford to waste a few.

That covers this guide on what Amulets are in Evil Dead The Game and how to use them. For more help with the basics of this game, you should also check our other guides on how to unlock character outfits and how to use the flashlight in this game.