How To Get Dirt In Enshrouded

Time to put some dirt in your enemy’s eye. Here is how you can get and use it in Enshrouded.

There are a plethora of resources that you will be collecting in Enshrouded. As such sometimes it can be confusing how to get something as simple as dirt. While available abundantly, it is easy to miss if you don’t have the right tools to farm it. Once you are all set up you can collect dirt and use it to make charcoal, tar, and other useful resources. So here is a quick guide on how you can farm dirt and some of its best uses.

How to Farm Dirt in Enshrouded

Where To Find And Farm Dirt In Enshrouded
Image Credits: Generalkillaman on YouTube. Use Pickaxe on ground to get dirt.

You can find dirt almost anywhere on the ground as long as you have a pickaxe to farm it. You can make that at your workbench, we will check its recipe in a bit. Once you have your pickaxe ready, use it on the ground and you will start collecting dirt. Make sure you don’t dig just in one place and keep moving. This is because only the top level of soil drops dirt and it will ensure you farm it efficiently.

In case you don’t have a Pickaxe then here is what you need to make one:

  • Stone x1
  • String x1
  • Twigs x4

How to Use Dirt

One of the best uses of Dirt is making charcoal, however, that option becomes available after you unlock the blacksmith. Next, use 20 stones to make the Charcoal Kiln. After it is ready, here is the recipe you have to use to make charcoal:

  • Dirt x3
  • Wood Logs x17

This will give you 15 Charcoal. Aside from that you can also use Dirt to make some tar, once again you will need Charcoal Kiln along with these ingredients:

  • Dirt x6
  • Wood Logs x30

That is all for how you can get and use Dirt in this game. If collecting resources is a hassle for you then you should check out if it has a creative mode or cheats and trainers. While you are here also check our other Enshrouded guides on how to get wax, sparks, copper, and bones.