Enshrouded Console Commands: Does It Have Any Cheats, Trainers, Or Mods?

Wondering if there is a creative mode or some console commands for Enshrouded? Here is everything you should know about it.

In Enshrouded, you play as a Flameborn who is the last ember of hope of a dying race. But while the game expects you to reclaim your kingdom, what if you just don’t want to? There are many players who like to enjoy such games in a manner where they have the freedom of building or crafting whatever they want without having to worry about surviving the night. As such, many games offer creative modes to let you focus on building things that you like without having to manually collect individual resources. But even if a dedicated mode isn’t there you might want Enshrouded to have in-built admin console commands or cheats. So here is what you should know about these features in the game or if you can use mods or trainers with it.

Does Enshrouded Have Console Commands or a Creative Mode?

Is There Creative Mode Or Console Commands In Enshrouded
Image Credits: Keen Games GmbH. Are there console commands or a creative mode in Enshrouded?

No, there are no console or admin commands that you can directly use in Enshrouded nor does it have a creative mode, at least at the time of writing this guide. However, since the game is still in early access, there is a chance the developers might add it in the future. But since it hasn’t been confirmed officially this is just a speculation.

Are there Mods for Enshrouded?

Are There Mods For Enshrouded
Image Credits: Keen Games GmbH. Mods support for Enshrouded.

No, there is currently no official mods support for the game. This has been confirmed by a moderator on this Steam thread. Basically, the developers have no plans of creating any modding kits or tools for the game. However, the good news is they aren’t against the idea of mods.

The reason such tools aren’t available just yet is that Enshrouded runs on a proprietary game engine. So mod tools provided by Unity or Unreal Engine 4 or 5 won’t be compatible and the developers will have to make a kit for the modders to use.

Can You Use Cheats or Trainers in Enshrouded?

Enshrouded Can You Use Cheats Or Trainers
Image Credits: Keen Games GmbH. Cheats and Trainers for Enshrouded.

As mentioned above, the game doesn’t officially have any cheats. However, there are some third-party Trainers available for the game.

Disclaimer: We do not endorse the use of Cheats or Trainers. This may ruin the fun for other players on the server. Also, there is a chance that if someone reports you the game might ban you. So while such apps might exist, you should use them at your own risk. Especially as there are chances that they might also infect your computer with viruses or malware.

Now, if you are still wondering what these external trainers have to offer, then here are some in-game features that you can modify:

  • The player has Max Comfort
  • Get Unlimited Health
  • Get Unlimited Stamina
  • Get Unlimited Mana
  • Get Unlimited Fog Resistance
  • Items have infinite durability
  • You can change the amount of items in your inventory

The above are just a few examples, depending on the trainer you use you might get more or different features. Again be very cautious if you plan to use them.

That is all for the admin console commands, cheats, mods, and trainers for this game. If you are looking to farm some resources fast, then here are our guides on how to get copper ore, tar, bones, resin, and string. As for help with other things like bug fixes or more be sure to check out our Enshrouded section.