Genshin Impact Share Not Your Treasure Quest – How To Complete

Treasure location guide for Share Not Your Treasure Quest in Genshin Impact. How to complete & where to find the treasure chest on the map.

Genshin Impact features a vast world with a ton of things to do. Right from cooking food, process ingredients, fighting enemies and then completing various puzzles and quests. There is one such World quest called Share Not Your Treasure in Genshin Impact and in this article, I will explain how to complete it. You need the treasure location as well and this quest guide will help you find it easily.

Share Not Your Treasure Location – Genshin Impact Quest Guide

Here are the steps you have to follow to complete the Share Not Your Treasure quest in Genshin Impact.

First, head to the southwest area of the Guili Plains. This is where you need to go on the map.

where-to-light-bonfire-genshin-impactLight up the bonfire right there with a fire character.

how-to-light-the-bonfire-genshin-impactYou will encounter some enemies at this point so you have to beat them all. Next, look for the scribbled notes around the same location.

scribbled-notes-location-genshin-impactWith that, you will be tasked with finding the location of the actual treasure chest in the Share Not Your Treasure quest. Since the treasure is not marked on the map, it can be a bit confusing to find it. It is located right here in the map shown below so head over there immediately.

Share-Not-Your-Treasure-Location-genshin-impact-questOnce you reach the location, climb to the top of the mountain it is on and dig the area with the shovel.

Share-Not-Your-Treasure-Location-genshin-impactNow all that is left to be done is to open the chest. That is it! You will have completed the quest.

As a reward for completing the Share Not Your Treasure quest in Genshin Impact, you will get 250 Adventure EXP which will help you increase your Adventure rank. You will also get 30 Primogems along with some more rewards.

That is everything you need to know about it. Don’t miss out on our other Genshin Impact Guides that will give you the necessary tips, tricks and hints to progress in the game.

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