How To Cook In Genshin Impact (Cooking Guide)

Here's everything you should know about cooking in Genshin Impact.

Cooking in Genshin Impact is crucial because you need food to restore your health, increase stats as well as for some other benefits. We have already covered a guide on the cooking recipes you can use in the game but how do you cook? Well, check out all the basics you should know in our Genshin Impact Cooking guide right here.

Genshin Impact Cooking Guide: How to Cook Food

You won’t have the ability to cook from the get go, you have to do something to initiate the cooking aspect of this game. Basically, you have to go to the bridge near the town in the main campaign and meet a woman. She will be right next to a campfire which is not a coincidence. You need to talk to her and get started with cooking in Genshin Impact. She will also help you out by giving you some much-needed materials and resources needed for cooking.

To put it simply, cooking in Genshin Impact requires you to combine ingredients and prepare a delicious dish. You have to stop the timer when the slider reaches the area marked on the bar.
cooking-ingredients-genshin-impactIf you don’t manage to do this, your dish will get ruined. You can cook your food on campfires (if there is no fire, you can start a fire by using a fire ability) or stoves.


Note that when you learn a dish, you need to become proficient in it. When you prepare it manually multiple times, you will get the ability to auto cook.

Use the power of cooking for additional effects including a health boost or the option to revive characters. You will also need to process ingredients for that and our guide will explain the steps to do it easily. And finally, get your hands on ingredients by scavenging for them or purchasing from the shops. In fact, you can also buy food directly from the stores whenever you don’t want to cook.

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