How To Process Ingredients In Genshin Impact

Process ingredients to prepare delicious recipes.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play fantasy open-world action RPG game that is released worldwide on 28th September 2020. While playing the game one of the first few tasks that you will have to complete is to process food. Processing ingredients in Genshin Impact is to convert one form of food into another that can be used as an ingredient for some other major recipe in the game. There are quite a few food items that you can process in the game. If you don’t have any clue about how to process ingredient in Genshin Impact, follow this guide to find out more.

How to Process Ingredients In Genshin Impact

Processing ingredients in Genshin Impact is really very simple. All you need to do is head to a cooking fire. Cooking fire is a place in the world of Genshin Impact where you can actually cook. You can easily spot a cooking fire scattered across the ground.

Next, interact with the cooking pot to open up the cooking menu in the game. Now hover over and click on the icon with the chillies symbol. This will take you to the processing screen you are looking for. Once all this is done, and you are on the right screen, all you need to do is select the food items that you want to process in Genshin Impact.

This will start processing items in Genshin Impact, and all the items that you have selected will then be converted into processed items. The time taken for processing these items depends on the recipe we are processing them for. But, you don’t have to worry much about that as you can place multiple items to be processed in a queue. You can also purchase already processed items from the store to save some time, in case the need be.

That’s how you process ingredients in Genshin Impact. Now we will look at some of the processed items that are available in the game and the ingredients required to process them.

Genshin Impact: List of Processed Items

The following items can be processed with the adjacent ingredients:

  • Cream: Processed Milk. 1x Milk per Cream.
  • Smoked Fowl: Processed Fowl + Salt. 3x Fowl & 1 Salt per Smoked Fowl.
  • Bacon: Processed Raw Meat + Salt. 2x Raw Meat & 2x Salt per Bacon.
  • Sugar: Processed Weet Flower. 2x Sweet Flower per Sugar.
  • Jam: Processed Sunsettia, Berry + Sugar. 3x Sunsettia, 2x Berry & 1x Sugar per Jam.
  • Ham: Processed Raw Meat + Salt. 2x Raw Meat & 1x Salt per Ham.
  • Butter: Processed Milk. 2x Milk per Butter.
  • Flour: Processed Wheat. 1x Wheat per Flour.
  • Cheese: Processed Milk. 3x Milk per Cheese.
  • Sausage: Processed Raw Meat. 3x Raw Meat per Sausage.
  • Crab Roe: Processed Crab. 4x Crab per Crab Roe.

Now you know how to process ingredients in Genshin Impact and what processed items can be made from them. That was pretty much everything that you should be worrying about the question of how to process ingredients in Genshin Impact right now. You should also try reading our other guides on the game that can help you progress quickly. For instance, you can read how to fast travel in Genshin Impact to save a lot of time. Another thing to give a try is reading how to heal in Genshin Impact. Having the basic working knowledge of how these things work in the game will come in handy during the time of need.

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