How To Increase Adventure Rank In Genshin Impact (Level Up Tips)

This is how you can increase your Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact quickly.

Your Adventure Rank or AR is one of the most important things in Genshin Impact because that’s how you will get access to various new quests. If you don’t level up fast enough, you will end up missing out on the new quests which have a specific AR prerequisite and if you’re playing with friends, you might miss out on a lot of fun stuff. If you are wondering how to grind levels and farm Adventure EXP fast, here are some of the most common methods you can follow.

How to Increase Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact

Here are all the different ways to raise your Adventure Rank (AR) in Genshin Impact. Use these strategies to match up your rank with your friends and unlock new content easily. Note that these won’t increase your rank in a jiffy – this is time-consuming and players will have to really invest their effort in order to rank up.

  • Daily Commissions/Tasks
  • Complete Quests: World Quests, Archon Quests, Side Quests
  • Discover Teleport Waypoints
  • Clear Domains
  • Adventurer’s Handbook Experience
  • Take Down Bosses

Daily Commissions

Players can start the Commissions once they reach Adventure Rank 12 and after completing the World Quest Every Day a New Adventure. You will get 4 new commissions from the Adventurers’ Guild at 4am server time, accessible from the Adventurer Handbook or the Quest menu. Doing this will get you quite a bit of Adventure EXP which will provide a much-needed increase in your Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact.


One of the most straight-forward ways to increase your AR, is to complete quests – be in World quests, Archon quests, or Side quests. Side quests, especially, won’t take too long to complete.

Teleport Waypoints

Genshin Impact is made for exploring and as you unlock Teleport Waypoints, you get Adventure EXP. Plus, when you offer Oculi to the Statues of the Seven, you can get EXP along with Primogems, Sigils and more. This is an easy way to level up and something you can do when you are not in the mood to fight bosses or complete tasks.

Clear Domains

As you keep leveling up, you will keep getting access to Domains that you need to focus on clearing because they will provide a good increase in your AR. On some occasions, you may have to solve a puzzle or complete a quest to get access to it. Apart from Adventure EXP, you will also get materials like Mora, Weapon Ascension materials, Artifacts, Talent Level up materials and even Primogems. So, it’s something you don’t want to miss, especially the Domains that can be repeated.

Adventurer’s Handbook Experience

Open up your Adventurer’s Handbook and select the Experience tab. This is where you will see some Investigations. Complete these simple tasks to get a variety of rewards including Adventure EXP.

Take Down Bosses

For those days when you feel like fighting big enemies, boss fights can give you the EXP you need. Open up the Adventurer’s Handbook and click on the Bosses tab. You will see the boss’ name, the possible rewards you can get by beating it and the Navigate button to get to the location.

These are some of the most common ways to increase your Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact. For more related to Genshin Impact, check out our latest guides here.